Newbie team building advice?

So I’m just shy of level 70 (a real newb!) but I joined a nice and chill guild where I get a lot of keys and other things just by being around and collecting my seals.

At any rate, I’m wondering where I would go to get some advice on what teams to aim for right now.

Currently running
Hero (purple and/or black weapon)
Priestess (yellow)
Valkyrie (red and yellow)
Rowanne (green and blue)

and it’s been doing a good job so far. Giving barrier to Rowanne and buffing her armor while using Valkyrie to help Rowanne gather mana so she can fire twice in succession more or less has worked well.

But I’m sure there’s much stronger teams I could build right now. Before this team I was running with a Summer Knight lead and just tried to keep barrier up and get stronger and stronger with each spell use, but it’s a real one trick pony.

I’m not even sure what exactly to ask here since there are so many cards and possible decks out there I’m sure, so I’m really just looking for some guidance. Are there some recommended decks to shoot for at this point or mid to longterm? Maybe something specifically for arena defense/invasion and another one for doing pve?

It isn’t troops you want, its troops you have. If you list … maybe Epic rarity troops or higher, we can work from there.

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When I first started I always like the Ranger. Good damage.

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Some good starting decks that don’t really require much if any traitstone investment would be good. I can’t remember what I used to use when I first started; I believe it was a Knight team. Dependable but slow.

For quick battles in explore:
Firebomb x2
Dragon banner

As for PVP though, you’re correct; there are so many different team variants. Valk+Row is a good combo. A tank in front would be good, ideally anything with Stoneskin as a trait, Knight Coronet comes to mind and valk will help fill him too. That leaves you with purple+brown, or more accurately just purple as KC removes purple on cast. Maybe a hero weapon like the brown hammer that explodes brown gems (useless memory here, sorries).

What troops do you have so far? Any legendaries or mythics yet?

Go to and link your account. You can then send your link to your helpful clanmates and they can make suggestions based on what you have available.

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If you would like to share your troop list, a really good resource is You can link your GOW account to the database and it will allow you to check your progress, plan and do all sorts of things. One perfect feature for your purpose here is that you can create a permalink to your troop collection which you can post here and anyone can click on it to see what troops you have, what level and traits they have, etc.

It will take an investment of a few minutes to get your account set up and linked, but it is well worth it if you’re serious about the game.

Edit: Sniped.

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It isn’t troops you want, its troops you have. If you list … maybe Epic rarity troops or higher, we can work from there.

Right, I didn’t want to flood the forums with a list of all cards I have, but I can do that.
Shadow Dragon
The Widow Queen
Ferit (x2)
Grand Inquisitor
Herald of Chaos
Ice Witch
Lady Sapphira
Lil’ Johnny Bronze
Marid (x2)
Monster Muncher
Morthani’s Will
Prince Azquila
Sea Troll (x2)
Tau (x3)
Tomb Spider

Thank you I’ll get around to that as soon as I can

Edit: I have now linked my account to the gow database, I hope this works: My Collection - Gems of War Database


Build around Magnus, that card is very powerful and I love it!

(Kraken Banner)

Since you don’t have Gorgotha, try replacing him with Villager.
He converts yellows to brown and purple to blue.
Rush Apothecary and start converting gems.

Bloodhammer’s third trait is OP, get it asap.

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Thanks for the ideas so far everyone, loving the input. I indeed wanted to use Magnus sometime because his spell just seems really rad and @netwizard, I just unlocked both Glaycion and Bloodhammer from a few event chests an hour ago or so, cool to see they both see use :slight_smile:

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OMG you have both the OP legendaries at level 70s you are gonna tear out PVP so bad!!!

Are you talking about Glaycion and Bloodhammer or some other ones?

He’s talking about those two. They are brand new this week and very powerful together, so to get them both at your level is really fortunate! It will take some time to level and trait them of course, but it is still better to have them on your roster than not.

Yes I am talking about those two