What is the best Shadow-Hunter team?


Thank you!


Shadow Hunter
Sabertooth Lion


I am interested in this as well, especially teams using Valkyrie. I have had adequate success with Shadow-Hunter teams, but I am sure there are some better combinations. Will definitely try Tacet’s suggestion above.


with Adana’s banner

I used this Team my first 70 or so levels to great success. Shadow-Hunter is best used for 2-3 casts then his effectiveness drops significantly, plus he has a higher Attack than Behemoth. Once SH dies, Behemoth tanks. Behemoth and Druid finish off enemies since Shadow-Hunter usually doesn’t kill his target, but makes them one-hit targets for Behemoth/Druid. SH, Valkyrie and Druid all have Water Link (which I didn’t have when I used this Team) so everyone stays very charged all match long. All 6 colors are used, so no match goes to waste.


Thanks. I purchased Behemoth on the console, and it never occurred to me that it would make a superior front- or second-line tank for Shadow-Hunter builds.

That being said, both these lineups are very heavily Blue-mana and reliant on Valkyrie. What tactics do you folks use to ensure both SH and Sabertooth/Druid charge up fast enough? Otherwise if the A.I. targets any troop other than Behemoth, the whole strategy unravels and the battle becomes touchy.



To keep everyone charged I prioritize Red/Yellow matches and just fire her off as much as possible. My suggestion has 3 Water Links, so that’s +3 for every Blue match. Also, when Shadow-Hunter fires off 2-3 times, you can literally leave him charged so the Blue Mana goes to Behemoth/Druid, who are on cleanup duty, and just SH there as a meat shield to absorb Skulls.


I tried your team, except I swapped out Behemoth for Gorgotha (fully traited) and placed it in the first slot. It’s devastatingly effective. SH first spell can usually one-shot an enemy troop at the higher levels I’m playing at and even a second spell does decent damage. Druid can then do the mopping up.

Then again, placing Gorgotha*** in your PvP invade team is pretty much the Staples “EASY” button for this meta, just use a fully traited Gorgotha and three other random troops and it seems like you have a team! Exaggerating a bit but you get the drift :wink:


Yup, that would definitely work wonders as well