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Console best and fast pvp teams

Hello Ineed some help. I am lvl 160 and start getting some problems in PvP. What teams are you using and how fast are they. Have all except sheggra and bat and only leg fully traited gloomleaf

My fastest team that I use regularly is anointed one giant spider valk keeper of souls

@Zelfore reccomended a team I’ve been using lately that I enjoy for fast farming:


I have many legendaries, but haven’t worked on them yet as this ends all PvP matches pretty quickly. Just fill up Herdmaster or Soothsayer (whatever the board gives you) and Druid will wear them down in a few turns. I am currently leveling my pitiful kingdoms so Valkyrie helps with that and feeds Druid.

EDIT: Another great thing about this deck is that when you have enemy cards with just a few health, Herdmaster or Soothsayer can kill them AND get you mana (and often another turn).

Thank you it works well


Banner of Progress

If you can the 3 Water Links going, Valkyrie will charge your whole team in one cast.

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But Why a Behemoth ? I totally agree that He/it is pretty cute but it’s not that effective you know … For the rest, the Shadow Hunter is a topper from the beginning of the game and druid a neat dmg dealer.

Cause he’s a blue damage all that doesn’t conflict with the other colors. (And should also be buffed with the next console update.)

Technically you could use Crimson Bat and move Valkyrie to the 2 spot but then Brown isn’t covered. And Queen Mab isn’t out yet.

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You can also get Behemoth’s Life up to over 100 with Immense very quickly. This team has a habit of being 1-2 Mana short, Behemoth can get that Mana and do a lot of damage with Druid.

Personally I usuall fire off Behemoth early to strip Armor so Shadow-Hunter has an easier time with the one-shot kills.

Giant Spider
Hero (morthani’s scythe)

all full traited, scythe is 19 to all.

GS transforms color to purple
wight creates 5 purple while draining health
gorgotha=strong tank and gems explosions

Currently the arguably best or one of the best teams on console is:

The Great Maw
Immortal King
+2 Yellow Banner

Mercy is the only one necessary to be fully traited, although Maw helps a lot and the first one for IK and Sheggra aren’t hard and help.

I switched Sheggra for Jarl because there’s always tons of Red and Yellow.

I like it better because you can target a specific Troop, loop Jarl repeatedly and charge up Infernal King.

That’s interesting, I can’t wait for lava traitstones to come out so I can trait him. I think Moloch would be fun there too with his third trait.

Do you have Suppression?

I have Suppression but not Flame Cloak, so I can test Moloch and see if that’s viable. Thing is, he needs to fire off 15-20 times to really be effective, and Jarl can loop go forever

Depends on the fact that your setup actually allows the opponent to get turns in, or 3dmg/turn wont do all that much.

Usually casting Sheggra once in that team leads to mass murder so no need to be specific. If only it had Valkyrie

That’s why I didn’t mention the Burning, it’s negligible.

I think if you put Valkyrie in place of Maw, it would still be pretty effective. You’d obviously be trading off the opportunity for devour and the extra skull damage (and there would be a bit more mana-blocking potentially), but you’d pick up the souls. People say peasant would work there, so I don’t see why Valk wouldn’t.

Thats the first thing I tried. Just wasnt quite as erotic without Maw. Been trying to come up with a new fun Valkyrie team instead

moloc is nice but -1 random stats is not enough to do real damage, he is in my opinion better for low level player

-1? Did he recently get nerfed? I thought the description was -3 random stat to all opposing troops with each 4-or 5 match, but I don’t have supression yet so I haven’t looked into it all that much. I agree if it’s only -1 then he would be way worse than Jarl or Sheggra.