So console 2.05 speed teams?


So far I have the following teams that I use for consistent fast wins.

Really need magic kingdoms and mythic bat for this one to work well:
Crimson Bat***
Crimson Bat***

Even with nerf, Maw is still great:
Great Maw***
Bone Dragon***
Valkyrie*** (still need souls, could still be faster)

These teams are ones I have been thinking about but haven’t actually experimented with yet:
Emperor Khorvash***
Emperor Khorvash***

Queen Mab***
Queen Mab***

I have thought of trying to combine crimson bat and khorvash somehow, but while they both due true damage, I think they pair up better with themselves then each other.

Thoughts? Other teams people think will work smoothly?


Only teams I use are double Mab and Khorvash, Crescendo, Valk and Crimson Bat, but I’ll be dropping Crimson Bat when I get another Khorvash.


My best fast team is
Crimson bat***
All lv 20


I think it is still easily Maw/IK/Mercy/Sheggra


I believe that is by far the fastest team out there, but I cannot sacrifice the souls yet to make that happen.
Since this topic IS about speed though, I should have mentioned that one.


I used it ever since IK came. With Mab amd EK now here I just have to use Valkyrie again. All these new troops provide the perfect opportunity to finally star these kingdoms and we need so many souls for that!

These Mab/EK teams feel very slow in comparison


EK/Valkyrie/Crimson Bat/Spirit Fox works well.
(Fox is just used as a closer or for emergency mana drain.)


Since I’ve been using double Mab I’ve had zero problems with speed or consistency and freezing the entire enemy team is a lot of fun as well, ha ha.

Haven’t tried Mawggra yet, can’t be bothered using that team right now since I’ve used it enough already.


Replace Sheggra with Valk and you have a somewhat slower team but still very fast and very effective.


Have you tried putting valkyrie in maws place?


No, although I’ve considered it. I’d be curious if anyone else has ran with that and how they like it.


What banner you using for that team


Emperor Khorvash***
Queen Mab***

Works for any team without Impervious.




Just thought I would update this topic,
My favorite team bar none right now is
Using Leonis Kingdom Banner

Emperor Khorvash***
Crimson Bat***

This is very quick, very efficient, and only suffers against the most heavily HP’d teams (like giants).

I also don’t have 2 of the 4 magic kingdoms 5 starred, so it would be even MORE effective if I choose to use my resources to do it.


@Dustin1280 your idea of double EK / Valk / Mercy is my go to team. I have quite a few teams that I bounce around using when I don’t come up against a team with Apocalypse members but that one is my number one team. I think I may have lost with this team once or twice and only because of the board layout and not being able to build mana to fire my spells off fast enough.

EK stuns and drains and does true damage. What more can you ask for? :wink:


I’ve been using Valkyrie / Queen Mab / Death / and Soothsayer with the Red/Yellow banner it’s pretty fast and it can farm souls :slight_smile:


full traited at least;

(blue bonusses)

full traited aswell optimally, personally still need two traits on jarl:

goblin rocket/twisted hero (rocket is much saver, hero can be better situationally, gamble)
miststalker (best troop in the game)

(red bonusses)

star gazer
(if you like attack based stuff)