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Slight improvement on console meta team

Ok, right now the console meta is:

Infernal King
Sheggra / Jarl Firemantle

However, I have discovered that placing Valkyrie in slot 4 is just as effective as Sheggra or Jarl. Matches will go slower, but the win rate is still nearly 100%. If you still need souls, which almost everyone on console still does, I find this new team with Valkyrie a very good improvement. In exchange for a bit slower matches, you are getting souls at a far faster rate. I’ve played about 20 matches so far with this team and still have not come close to losing, even in the rare case where the AI gets lucky and kills Maw. There is regular mana runoff for both yellow and red, so Valk charges naturally. Also, if you have a very poor start when it comes to being able to charge Maw, a good viable backup is usually charging Valk, casting her spell, and clearing the board of a couple less useful colors to allow for a Mercy match of yellow/purples. If you don’t need souls, the original team is still the best (I’ve played quite a few with both Jarl and Sheggra, and I’d give the slight edge to Jarl) as you will run through matches faster than with Valk, but if you still need souls I would consider this an improved team considering your odds of winning don’t really drop.

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“the console meta”

Oh boy… :’)

Just no…

Besides i can think of atleast 5 teams more effective than that, yeah 'think. Not look up, make myself.

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I have convinced myself to stick with the above team (sheggra, not jarl) until Mab shows up. Then it will be Valkryie time for the foreseeable as I also envisage using Khorvash and War.

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Once Maw gets nerfed into the ground, swap Maw for Khorvash, which will come shortly after. Same play style, almost as broken.

Also, refilling Mercy isn’t exactly always the best option. So while you can use Valkyrie, you’re often better off with either Sheggra, who will pretty much reset the board after it has been set up by IK to give you more mana and a continued loop, or something to more directly fill Infernal King, like Alchemist or Giant Spider.

My Maw isn’t even traited (:sob:) but still find the team incredibly fast. Often wins without losing a turn; I am only rank 350 though

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Then with a traited Khorvash (Stock up on Shields), the team will be even more hilariously overpowered. See that Gorgotha? You just dealt it 78 damage with skulls. Bye, Gorgotha.

Sorry, where does the 78 damage come from?

Personal experience and max HP of a random Gorgotha that got stunned then skull’d to death today.

Oh, effectively 78 damage as stun has removed Gorgothas armour? (21 attack x4 on Gor)

You live in NY. I envy you.

Something like that. I could likely go find another Gorgotha to test this on if I can get another board setup that nice, and another person with all kingdoms five-starred.

How is NY relevant to this, though? And the area is fairly nice, except in the winter, which is going to effectively start in like two weeks and last until mid-May.Then, it is basically Hell (Michigan). But with more snow.

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It is irrelevant.

Khorvash is useful against armoured tanks then. Though he should be used with crimson bat instead of a skull gen regardless, I presume.

With this team, there are so many matches that trigger his third trait, which stuns everything and prevents Stoneskin, Granite Skin, and the like from getting in the way. Combine this with his decently high attack (and Leadership trait), and he’s one of the best battering rams in the game at this point.

This is Sister

This is Sister’s Gorgotha

This is Sister’s Gorgotha on turn one.

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Sounds good to me!

Having the 3rd trait for Khorvash, Jarl and Mab all on the one team must be a pain to play against

I’d like you to list them. I think it’s pretty generally accepted that the above team is the best console team, or at absolute least top 3. But by all means, let’s hear your 5 teams that you discovered are better.


Without doubt the best/quickest

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I agree, but Khorvash won’t be out for several weeks if not months on console.

What are your plans once Mab, Khorvash etc come?

I have all the stones to trait Mab. I’ll buy event keys until I get her, and fully trait her. I’m sure I will test her out a bit, but I’m unsure if she will become a main part of my team. As for Khorvash I don’t have enough Arcane Shields to trait, but that will be a top priority if an event troop comes out that needs them. I would expect he won’t be out for at least 1 month from when Mab is released, which is minimum 5 weeks at this point. Once I have him traited I will probably switch him out for Maw (Especially since Maw is getting nerfed, but I might mess around with teams that have both Maw and Khorvash to see if I can make something work).


At some point, they’ll need to push the kingdoms out on console a little faster than they are on PC, so either two at once, or more likely, one every two weeks for a while. So there is a chance that Khorvash could be in your hands in less than 5 weeks, though i’ve kinda stopped hoping.


Khorvash, Crescendo, Valk and Crimson Bat is what I’ll be using for a bit.