[HELP] The Search for a Fast Team


First of all, I’m Brazilian, so my english can be a little “broken”. (Sry for that)

I trying to formulate good teams to farm souls and traitstones and working on a fast pvp team.

Souls/Traitstone farming team(The fastest i have)

Abyssal Banner

Giant Spider ***
TDS ***
Sacrificial Priest ***
Warlock ***

i not calculated the time of then, but is the fastast i have.

PVP teams:

Lion Banner

Mantis ***
Justice **
Q. Mab ***
Valk ***

Or, sometimes

Sooth ***
Herdmaster ***
Sooth ***
CB ***

And im working on trait’s fot that team.

Banner of Scales

Khorvash **
Valky ***
CB ***

Knowing that, can you guys give me some hint to this?
Extra info: All Magic, Attack and Armor kingdoms are lv10(Only one Magic King is giving +2).

One combination I see based on troops you are using already and have good traits for might be something like:
Crimson Bat
Something else (maybe Spirit Fox to get Green/Purple, or Psion, or a second CB)
Red/Yellow banner, or Dragon banner

The goal would be to fill up Valkyrie fast, then use her to power Khorvash and CB. All of these troops do True Damage, so they ignore armor. Khorvash, Spirit Fox and Psion all drain mana from your opponent, so I find something like this to be effective and fast for PVP. Valk picks up some souls when you cast, as well.

Do you have phara ro?

Mythics i only have: Jotnar and Abynissia. Legendary i have the most part.

The two fastest traitstone farming teams I’ve seen are:

Princess Elpseth (full traits)
Bombot (0 traits)
Mechanist w/Black Manacles (all traits)
Dwarven miner (or any brown only troop)
Double brown banner.

Depending on your armor bonuses the bombot oneshots an explore, or if needed finish with black manacles. This team very often finishes in under 1 minute.

Alternatively something like

Blue/Green banner

This is also very fast but I think the elpseth team is faster.

my explore traitstone + soul farming team:
(normal or hard difficulty)

Dragon Soul
Aziris (traited magic link + necromancy) (can use Pharos-Ra)
Aziris (traited magic link + necromancy)

+abysmal flag

My cheap cycle fast team is Templar, The Devoted, Rowwane, Sea Troll. It can loop quite hard

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