What's your fastest invade team? ***UPDATED - check 1st post ***


No holds barred, no team too cheesy. For pure speed PVP, what do you use?

Right now I’m using:


It’s like the Justice / Mab team on steroids but it’s not always the fastest.

*** UPDATE ***
Thanks to all of the contributors on this thread! After much discussion, I’ve settled on the following team and finding it to be awesome.

Dragon Banner (+2 red, +1 yellow, -1 brown)
Infernal King

GoW Team Build Compendium

Since Garde came to be I consider this team to be the best (very fast and very reliable):
Traits are obviously important on Gard and even more so on Mercy.

Sometimes I switch to other teams, but mostly just for a change - although this week good old
is also a beast because of Monster. The one from Drifring Sands :wink:


I find the Gard team with Alchemist and Hellcat to be reliable but slow, at least compared to my Courage or Justice skull spam teams. I actually have a Gard team that is much faster that that one, albeit if things go poorly, it’s easier to just quit and start a new match.


What levels are these, how traited? I think that is an important factor here.


Yeah, that’s pretty important.

Outside of War, Aby, and Gard, I don’t have any other mythics.

However, all 3 of those are fully-traited. I have every other troop in the game save those mythics and all the key legendaries except Kerberos are fully-traited as well.


Yes, it is. They’re all maxed out, although on Sheggra only the first trait is of any importance and even that not often. IK’s traits also aren’t that important since I rarely lose a troop.


By the way, I’m running Manticore / Courage x 2 / Bone Dragon right now. It’s fast by not blazing by any means. I think Mercy is the key to any really fast team followed by something that can do massive damage and a generator for looping.

That’s why I keep coming back to Behemoth / IK / Courage / Mercy.


Yes, yes and once more yes. E.g. I like the recent Mythic, Pharos-ra, but it’s one of his main disadvantages in my opinion - there’s an awful anti-synergy between him and Mercy. And whenever I use a team without her and the initial board setup is ready for her to generate tons of mana I feel as if I lost something… :frowning:


Me too. Invariably, I take her out of a team and the very next match has like 20 purple/yellow lines on it. LOL

BTW, my first match out of the gate with Maw / IK / Mercy / Sheggra? REALLY slow.


The fastest I have are Entangling Bones and Green Demon. When they are hitting on all cylinders, we’re talking 30-60 second fights against 9,600+ teams.

The speed of these two teams is not always reflected in the videos I make demonstrating them, because when I capture the video footage I am dividing my attention between playing, keeping my words straight, respecting production values, etc and I screw up a lot :laughing:

When you feel comfortable with them and can play them without thinking, it’s just downright silly how fast you can wipe out top teams.

Entangling Bones:

Green Demon:

Entangle Teams for PVP

OK, Green Demon is definitely interesting.


This week because of monster bonuses I’ve stumbled on a pretty fast team, especially if the board is set up right.

Emperor Khorvash ***
Maw ***
Valkyrie ***

With empowered Mercy, it isn’t unheard of to fill maw on first turn, and possibly Valkyrie, which will then likely fill Khorvash up real quick. Devour, drain, stun, kill, it’s all there.


I find empowered board manipulating troops like Mercy do wonders for a fast team, but I often found I had bad luck with Mercy. Some boards she is devestating on, others she is useless.

Hence I find myself using Soothsayer more lately. My current fast team started as:
Queen Mab

And had since changed to:
Queen Mab

Both using red yellow banner.
The AoE damage and looping potential combined with board fixing can make this a blazing fast team once you get the hang of it. Played many game where I did not even care which purple I targeted with Soothsayer, just any seemed with it for the sheer amount of mana he provides and the potential extra turn cascades.


I have two teams

Bone Dragon

Very brutal, gains a lot of attack off double courage with every skull match. BD cast just melts the opponent. In a pinch Justice/Courage can feed each other by matching red/blue. However, a salad dragon can bring it to a halt and a missfire of a guardian can be very damaging.

Giant Spider
Queen Mab

Slower but more solid. Red/Yellow to Blue, Blue/Green to Purple, Purple fires Mab when lots of Blue and Kraken for damage and devour. All while Kraken’s 3rd trait erodes health with every extra turn. 1st turn wins not uncommon. Impervious heavy teams slow it down with immunity to Mab and devour, but Kraken damage still works well. If Kraken dies (bad luck death touch or Bone Dragon cast), Spider can put up buffer swarms while Mab AEs to win.


I use mainly 2 invade teams.

Before hitting Tier 1: This provides me with some stable soul income and tends to be very fast.
Emperor Khorvash***
Crimson Bat***

After tier 1: I only run 1 trophy matches unless revenge pops, lightning fast matches = good gold/seal income.
Deep Borer***
Mechanist /w Black Manacles***

That bombot team on 1 trophy opponents (works on higher trophy opponents to, but not quite as dependable)
I have never seen a team as fast as it is, would be very interested in other teams as quick.


Archon statue
Queen Mab

All fully traited and ascended.
Lion banner.
Its so OP it’s mental. No one blocks valk (some use gorgotha) or justice, (some use emporer korvash) and i’ve found this flat out the best team for invading.


It’s a good team but I prefer Fortress Gate (for Impervious) to Archon Statue for all around resilience.

Also, the Courage team I mentioned earlier is actually even more OP than Justice / Mab.



After playing a few matches with Maw / IK / Mercy / Sheggra, I went back to my Courage team and it hit me.

If you need Mercy for the fast start, a looper, and then massive damage, why not use:


Holy schnikes! It works.


Sheggra wipes out all of the reds and most of the skulls though, and that is bad.


You only need to cast Sheggra once.

I just beat a power level 9500 team in 20 seconds.