Entangle Teams for PVP


I created below team for PVP end game;

Dire Wolf *** (all traits)
Infernal King * (at least 1 trait)
Alchemist ***
Sylvanimora ***(all traits for entangle)

+1 Red and +1 Yellow banner

What is your comments?


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  1. For end game PvP I don’t like Entangle

  2. If you really want to use it… one of your converters is removing green (for Skulls I see), and the other doesn’t help with entangle just makes yellow (to feed IK)

  3. I suppose if you want to flip a classic ‘Tropic Thunder’ quote upside down: You went full Entangle, you Always go Full Entangle. :wink: You could put in a Green Seer or Marsh Strangler, and Loyalty (to cast on Skulls and make green and boost your troops)

Thanks for your reply.

Can you share entangle team for me with banner?


I’ll try (it is Entangle after all) when I get back home. I’d never personally recommend a exact team list without trying it a few times myself.

Ok thanks I will waiting for your reply.

I like Sylvanimora troops therefore I want to create an end game PVP team with Sylvanimora. I have only Sylvanimora all traits in legendary troops. If you don’t like entangle team, share another team included Sylvanimora for end game PVP.



If you have Psion, he (it?) up front is a great combo with Sylvanimora parked in the back. Mix and match the middle two slots as needed.

Entangle is only really useful on the first enemy troop. Building an entangle team is sort of wasted effort - at most you only need one entangler, specifically one you can aim (so not Green Seer).

Really it’s Sylvanimora by far, then Cockatrice and that’s about it. Maybe Dire Wolf in the right situation.

Actually, anyone with a useful “when dealing skull damage” ability would work up front. Wraith, for example.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have Psion. Ok I don’t want to create Entangle team anymore.

I want only good team inluded Sylvanimora for PVP.

Can you share a team for me included Psion and Sylvanimora with banner? Please share slots.


You could use something in terms of … Bogstrider / Infernal King / Sekhma / Mercy
Bogstrider entangles when dealing skull damage - Mercy cleanses everyone in case of Frozen or Entangle and whatnot, and Infernal King + Sekhma for obvious reasons.

Not to nitpick, but this team has existed for a while. KrudlerTheHorse showcased it in one of his videos and named it “Green Demon”.

Nitpick aside, I’ve played the team, and it can be quite fun :slight_smile:

My Entangle Team is only one entangler: Vodyanoi, traited twice.

Bone Dragon
Dark Priestess
Corrupted Urska

Everything else is about generating skulls (which triggers Entangle on the first target via Vodyanoi’s trait, so I don’t worry about taking damage in return from my own skulls) or upping the Vod’s otherwise terrible skull damage through attack increase or Enrage. It’s fun, but not great; direct damage lists just snipe the Vodyanoi and the whole list falls apart, and minus-skull-damage lists take for-freaking-ever to die. It amuses me though.