What's your fastest invade team? ***UPDATED - check 1st post ***

Vs. Jarl / IK / Death / Plague

1m15s, 5 turns. And that was without being able to cast Mercy because the board never cooperated. Sheggra had to cast 3 times.

Vs. Valk / Justice / Khorvash / Mab

4 turns, 40 seconds. Mercy then IK on first turn. All over at that point and just cleanup for the last 30 seconds.

One of my favorite teams, and what I consider a pretty sweet-fast team for my use is:

Dragon Banner

Anointed One (Level 19/1-Traited)
Anointed One (Level 19/1-Traited)
Sheggra (Level 19/2-Traited)
Hellcat (Level 18/3-Traited)

They don’t even have to be fully levelled and/or traited, as you can see.

These fellas kick some serious butt!

BTW, many thanks to Allyandra (I think that’s how the young lady’s game name is spelled) for the recommendation.

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with Dragon Banner

Because I am bored of Maw Mercy LK Sheggra :smiley:

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Khorvash/event troops

If I’m going up against Khorvash/Mab/Sylvanimora I use Khorvash for the stun if I don’t need a stun I just use whatever event troop has the biggest buff that doesn’t block Valkyrie or Justice.

Another team I will be useing a lot this week for the bonus gold is

The Dragon Soul
Dragonian rogue
Rock Spirit

Doing just 1 trophies (since the gold is around the same as a 3 trophy) I usually only need to cast Dragon Soul twice and Sylvanimora once and with explosions they usually almost fill each other up.

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Yeah man, it’s so unassuming. When you look at it there are so many things that don’t seem right, yet it all gels lol

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FTR, I’m doing 3 trophy matches, not 1 trophy matches. I’m not sure the matches can get any faster though so why bother? :smiley:

I’m also finding Sheggra / IK to be superior to BD when used with Courage. Because they drop several smaller skull matches instead of one big one. If IK gets of a good cast, it kills the first troop and charges Sheggra plus grants an extra turn. Sheggra then casts and takes out troop 2 at least, sometimes troop 3.

For sure. Different tools for every job. Green Demon is a top-end team. Total overkill and frankly inefficient for 1-trophy teams. So yeah I agree with you pretty much.

edit to your edit: I tried variants of IK and Sheggra in the past, but found that it leaked a lot of efficiency in that it was duplicating an existing troop’s effort.

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I will try out
Valk / Justice / Khorvash / Mab

Though I likely will go Khorvash > Valk > Justice > Mab

I have been considering putting Justice in for awhile, so this is a good time to try that.

Still though, it will have to be lightning fast for me to give up

Deep Borer***
Mechanist /w Black Manacles***

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FYI, those were the teams I was up against, not the team I was using.

Ahh gotcha

So you say your favorite team is:



Yep, I’m averaging under a minute a match, on 3 trophy. Really fast. I have yet to even lose Sheggra, let alone come close to losing a match. I have also yet to cast Courage. I’ve only filled him once but it doesn’t matter because the matches are ending so fast.

Different strokes for different folks. But try out the team before you judge. A full 2x damage and perma-entangle is hard to ignore.

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One team I have been tossing around in my head is
Jarl Firemantle***
Eternal Flame***

I play console though, so haven’t had a chance to test it.
Jarl/Eternal flame both loop and charge each other and tend to be very consistent. Passive 6 damage to all troops for every 4+ match, which would happen A LOT…

Krudler, I will definitely try green demon, way to think outside the box btw.

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This is your courage team at the bottom?

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Yeah, I tried your two teams. For me, I didn’t find them much fast than Justice / Mab but that’s just me. They work and they’re fast but I was just looking for that little bit of extra edge.

Since I’ve run out of stuff to really shoot for, I’m going all in on my guild. Gonna see if I can top 2.5M gold this week for the first time ever.

I will update the OP.

That’s why I keep coming back to Behemoth / IK / Courage / Mercy.
That ^^^

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Yeah that was the best team I had found at the time of posting the thread. I have updated the first post to reflect the change I made (Sheggra for Behemoth).

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I’m struggling with it. It’s not a patch or as fast as the justice teams but maybe I’ve got a bad board. I’ll keep trying this.

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I saw you have War fully traited. You should swap him into the first spot for Sheggra and give it a try.

I find it very fast. It also give a nice source of burning to all enemies to power up Courage’s cast.

The only trade off there is Sheggra’s skull creation, vs War’s direct damage.

I expect at some point there will be some tuning that doesn’t let Courage/Skullspam just override all opponent teams.