CONCEPT TEAM: Need a PC/Mobile tester

I’m modifying my Original Blue team from;

Banner of Progress

to Mech-OB v2.0, when Console acquires the missing pieces;

Emperor Khorvash
Queen Mab
Dragon Banner

Need someone with those 4 Troops fully Traited to test a few matches in PvP and report it’s effectiveness.

Much appreciated.

Aside from Rowanne, those other three show up in tandem on defense a lot in high-level play. I suspect it’d win often enough. Mercy is a popular choice for the Rowanne slot.

I gave it a try, though I don’t really see the point. Khorvash/Mab/Valk is one of the most obvious meta teams on PC already, and will probably work well regardless of what the fourth member of that team is.

I’m also not sure how it is considered a modified version of your original team, while every member except for Valk is replaced. Isn’t it just a completely new team then?

@Lyaa That would be my main PvP deck, indeed, and I wouldn’t change it for Rowanne. Not ever in that team composition.

It’s so stupidly safe I’ve never lost with that deck, and it’s not too slow on top of it.

That’s an interesting change, but I’m not sure overall. You know I get Original Blue, so we’ll leave that aside, but the new team seems like it mixes too many concepts. What I mean is: Khorvash is a good tank and does true damage, plus mana drain. Rowanne does split damage, but doesn’t have anyone to buff her armor. Valk feeds all three and no mana blocking, so same as OB. Mab freezes and does mana burn (but not good against impervious if I understand correctly).

In my mind, the real value of OB is that it (because of Shadow Hunter) quickly eliminates one or more troops from the opponent deck (cutting one or two legs off the table). Your new lineup looks like it would gradually whittle down all four. On the flip side, you do have mana drain and winter veil, while OB doesn’t do anything other than damage, so that’s the part that I’m not sure about.

With no one to buff Rowanne’s armor, why would you drop her in in place of Druid?

I finally sat down to analyze the upcoming flood of Troops and plot teams. This combo is obviously the strongest, no wonder it’s the meta

Well I figured Rowanne didn’t need Armor buffing because of all of the damage output overall, same reason why I didn’t mind mixing True and normal damages.

You get Stuns and Freezes with 4 or 5 matches, and even the occasional Extra Turn. As you said, no Mana blocking.

Overall I find Mercy underwhelming to do to lack of a consistent compatible board, Valkyrie isn’t hard to fill and that Dragon Banner solves the 9/10 Mana instances with Valkyrie issue you get with the Banner of Progress

Agreed on Mercy. Most of the time she’s great, but once in a while, you get through a whole match and haven’t had a single chance to use her well (I basically never use her unless I’m getting an extra-turn or I’m certain that I’ll get all the mana I need without setting up a 4 or 5 match for the opponent).

Like I said, this seems like an interesting team and it is a good build. You’ve got inherently more-powerful troops in this, but I don’t see the same level of synergy as in OB. Which one is better overall? I don’t know.

I use EK/Mab/Valk/Famine as my main PvP team. Only Famine isn’t three-traited, working on that.
I think Famine is better than Rowanne, even though no blue, as the third trait helps a ton

EK + Mab = stun/freeze lockdown. Stir in some Valkyrie for blue charging.

The 4th slot is wide open:

  1. If you want speed, go with Mercy.
  2. If you want additional damage with mana drain, Spirit Fox.
  3. If you want pure true damage, add Crimson Bat.
  4. If you want total lockdown, try Manticore.
  5. If all else fails, you could put in Amira.

There are several more but those are the combinations I find to be most effective.

I haven’t found Mab necessary, and against some teams, she’s a liability.

Dragon banner

Is what I’ve been using. Full true damage feels so good when you ignore 50+ armor on every troop.

BTW, I’m not a big fan of combining regular damage and true damage except in some special cases. For example, Mab’s mana burn damage really isn’t compatible with Khorvash but her 3rd trait is so completely useful that I’m willing to overlook it.

I would never use Khorvash with say Behemoth, for example. It’s just not very efficient.

And while you say that Mercy isn’t all the reliable, I can say from using her for literally thousands of matches in various teams that she’s much more reliable than trying to fill Valkyrie without her. When you’re up against high level teams with Death, Plague, Khorvash, and Bone Dragon, just to name a few, it’s absolutely necessary to damage them before they can damage you. Mercy gives you that advantage in a way no other troop does.

You know what else is satisfying?

Dropping Bone Dragon’s “Strip Flesh” on a Horseman that’s been buffed to 85 armor…ROFL

Right up there with hitting Bone Dragon with Khorvash right before he casts, or killing it with skulls after stunning off his freeze trait.

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Or stunning Gorgotha and then cutting through him like a wet paper bag… LOL


Or entangling the top troop before bone dragon casts


For invasions, try Khorvash, Giant Spider, Mab, Valkyrie. Works against pretty much anything except mana shield/impervious. Lots of things work in that second slot, but I like Giant Spider, because it can refill your first slot very easily, provides more mana for Mab, a stun and freeze more often than not, and most importantly… I like spiders. They are cute. Other alternatives for Giant Spider’s slot are Justice or Mercy. Or, even another Mab.

For defense, try Khorvash, Valk, Mab, Spirit Fox. It has a fairly high win rate.

We have been having that exact discussion in PMs (which you would know if you ever read them :wink:). No perfect troop to take last slot

Khorvash/Mercy/Valk/Plague is a lot of fun. Plague’s trait actually stacks up to a considerable amount of damage with the mercy/valk loop in addition to very quickly crippling the opposing team, you dont really even need to cast him most of the time.

Console will need mythics to be released at an average rate greater than 1 every 2 weeks in order to catch up. Add in the guild rework and targeting them is impossible; I have chosen two to go for