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Wonderful Valkyrie

Valkyrie as we all know is the troop of choice for that soul PVP team. Having recently hit the full collection of troops my focus has more fully switched to levelling troops to power my cities to 5 stars and so souls are needed.

I can play arena till my nose bleeds and get far more souls and trophies that way but I of course also need to keep my gold healthy to donate to guild and so whereas before I could load up a team of my choice and grind out gold and trophies now I want that 3rd ingredient “souls”. I have a few builds I have messed with but none seem just right and so I thought I would ask here for a selection of your fastest Valk teams for pvp soul farming with an eye that they can for the most part beat any opponent within 2-4 minutes.

I like variation so I will build a few of the best and rotate to keep the game fun :slight_smile:

I run

Luther (3)
Bone Dragon (1) / Skeleton (3)
Druid (2)
Valkyrie (3)

Luther does most of the killing very quickly.

Crimson bat



My setup isn’t very fast but I win the majority of my matches,
Frost giant
Stone giant

Would love to replace stone giant with jarl, but ring has decided I’m not worthy

Thanks so far, @Shiratori I will give yours a try as I have never run Luther in a team ever :), @ibohr I ran both your offerings in the past although on the Abhorath team I ran KoS in 4th slot, will give yours a try and I had forgotten about the Jarl/Serpent/Banshee combo so something else to run, @irishfury187 3 troops I have never tried so will of course see how it works :slight_smile:


My go-to PvP team for a while was:


Being board dependent, though, some matches occasionally take longer than others. With the right setup, its pretty much over before it starts. The combination of converters and eliminators usually ends up generating a bunch of skulls via cascades alone, which allows buff Treant to tear through the softened troops.

You can sub Terraxis for any yellow or blue troop, preferably one that either does massive damage or can give you back the turn. Infernal King is probably a good choice (and faster vs most teams), but I dont have him. Rakshanin in this spot is a good counter to Gorgotha teams, who take forever to kill with just AoE and skulls.

Behemoth*/Behemoth*/Tyri/Valk*** either wins quickly or gets completely run over depending on where the random gems get destroyed, sometimes filling up the behemoth for another run, sometimes (too often) lining up skulls or 5 extra turns for the opponent. Either way, you’ll end up with some souls. Fully traited behemoth may have more luck surviving random skulls long enough to get the damage you need, but it is unsuitable for fighting people with 20+ more skill points than you on every troop.

If you are building around blue damage, though, I’d probably use a Crimson Bat based team if I had one.

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It’s a rough team to get accustomed to, but with valks water link, and all three giants having the big trait. My Berzerker usually has over 70 health and attack somewhere in the 40s at the end

I gave yours a run with the BD and all troops 3 traited. Didn’t lose came close a couple of times but the strength in the team comes from the depth of attack on skull match even if Luther only fires off once. Fun to play but a little slow and maybe even with my troops mostly at lv 20 weak to some of the higher lineups but all in all I will be thinking about Luther as an option in teams where I had not before so thx :slight_smile:

Glad you liked.

Also I usually save Druid til there’s only 1 or 2 left to finish things off. Usually I want them to keep the armor for Bone Dragon. Also I fire off Valkyrie as much as possible not just for the souls but all the blue matches can cascade into skull hits too.

A good one is

  1. ???
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Green Slime
  4. KOS

in first slot you can place pretty much anything you like - I played it with Bone Dragon for a long time, Skeleton is good (probably better for weak - as in “low armour” - teams), Abhorrath is also good and I think Treant (haven’t tried that one). The double necromancy (Valk and KOS) makes it very effective soul-wise. You need only 2 casts of Valk to max Souls and with 1 you’re almost there already. The greatest disadvantage of this team is it’s 100% skull damage, so maxed Gorgotha or BD in opp line-up is pretty scary. Oh, I think I read of someone using the Maw in first slot - when fully traited it’s a good answer to Gorgotha at least.

Another one:

  1. ???
  2. Alchemist
  3. Banshee
  4. Valkyrie
    I think it’s a little slower, but if you like board control (as I do) it’s THE team for you (especially with Eternal Flame in first slot - but it’s very slow then) - those 3 can already cycle for a long time without giving the opp a chance to move at all. In first slot I like Anointed One - then it’s pretty fast too. Other options are Treant or Abhorrath - or pretty much anything, especially if it uses Blue mana.

The fastest valk team:
+2 yellow banner.

Not the fastest but will beat any team:
Hero with black manacles
Giant spider
+2 yellow or red.
Second team is much more strategy heavy, but when you get familiar with it you beat anything in your way (and what’s better then eating a celestasia with barrier on)

@GemsCollector you first suggestion is/was my current team before this post with Abhorath in slot 1. I like it as it has flexibility once you see your opponent. Even a Gorg can be crushed if your frist focus is to cycle the Abho as quickly as you can and you have as I do 2 traits on it. A fully traited Maw would be nice but puts a lot of weight on a 15% devour and once dead rest of team could go down fast but I may well try. The 2nd is older than me (grin) and even now it is still a solid trio. @DonBoba I have run your frist choice as Crim,Crim,Valk Sooth in the past as I have Crim fully traited and it either wins well or loses without much fight. Maybe your order offers more charge time so will give it a spin. Have been wanting to find a team for Kerberos and yours looks a lot of fun so will deffo be trying that line up.

As I say I like to just hit battle and go when I am doing PVP soul run with no worry about gold amount, opponent level, or enemy lineup so my team has to be fast and robust and make souls :slight_smile:

About crimson soothsayer order. There is no reason for crimson (your main damage dealer) to be in front. Soothsayer is there to raise their magic (and can also fill valkyria with 1 yellow matches of 3 and his skill). Soothsayer has strong stats so he usually casts 4-5 times before getting killed. Crimsons get to around 15 true damage, and only if your luck isn’t good, you’ll lose. But with any team you will lose if Al gets lucky xD

About devour team, Kerberos is very nice if he eats someone. If not you use your giant spider to refill your hero and create a meat shield in front of him. You let opponent to take skulls and kill lil spider, and since you can spam a lol spider almost every turn hero won’t get a scratch, and you’ll either eat them, or desotry them with strong aoe that bm has.

I believe I remember somebody recommending this team in another thread.
Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat
Crescendo (Sorcerer, maybe?)

Though I personally think it could be mixed up with the Archer class, if fully traited.
Crescendo (Archer***)
Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat

For either team I recommend at least +1-2 Yellow, to help focus Valkyrie fill-up.

Your line is a good grin and I think when you get a 1st traited Jarl you will also enjoy it. As you said a Little slow but none the less something else to use for variety :slight_smile:

I almost only build teams with Valkyrie…

From the one I use the most to the one I use the least :

Great Maw ***
Valkyrie ***
Mercy ***
Infernal King

Golem ***
Giant Spider *
Valkyrie ***
Infernal King

Abhorath **
Green Slime *
Valkyrie ***
Keeper Of Souls *

Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat
Valkyrie ***
Mercy ***

Templar ***
Green Slime *
Valkyrie ***
Infernal King

Green Slime *
Alchemist **
Valkyrie ***
Banshee ***


Thanks @Zelarith the first one looks fun and I get to use my newly fully traited Maw so a win win :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s stronger with Alchemist for obvious reasons, but I replaced him by Valkyrie for… Obvious reasons, again :stuck_out_tongue:

I know your main criteria is fast, but given the tanks and high attacks of us high level players; I use…

Crimson Bat***

It’s slower, but the object is souls and of course winning. Mercy loads up Gorgotha and then the party begins. As mentioned its slow, but safe.

Rowanne (I have no traits for her)
Prismatic Orb

Insanely good damage. I use this team mainly farming challenges. Really fast. I haven’t used it in PVP.

My last suggestion…

Winter IMP***
Crimson Bat***

IMO this is faster than the double Crimson Bat. A fully traited Winter IMP provides Magic Link and improves his magic on every blue match. It is ideal to load Crimson Bat as casting him first does the most damage and then Winter IMP. Once an opponent falls, the Winter IMP really goes to work.

There are always better suggestions, but those are mine.