Looking for a fast kill - Valkyrie team


Much as the subject is saying. Thanks!

Best tip for earn souls?

Green slime
Keeper of souls

Super fast, double necromancy, lots of fun.

Sunweaver Build?

Very nice, Mac. I have all the troops also, but not any souls lol.


Btw, Is this team good to use when one is over level 200, also?


Max soul to gain is 80 per battle, if I remember right?


I’ve been using it for a month or so now. I’m level 320ish and regularly best level 1000 with it.


Very nice. So main goal is to pump up Valkyrie as fast as possible to feed Green Slime, then use Green slime and let it rolling?


Well actually you can go any way…I usually work on popping skeleton and keeper first. Matches go by really really fast…if souls are your main priority go valk first.


Looks like a very strong team, Mac. Guess my main goal will be to pump up, valkyrie, green slime and keeper of souls. :slightly_smiling: Skeleton already maxed out, and Legendary.


BTW, how does this team work as a defending team?


It’s crap as defenses


Ah, focus on goblin team for defence?


Mac, what banner do you use for the team you suggested? Double purple? It also contain all the differently colors, very nice.


I go double purple banner, matches go by so fast I’m more concerned with gold than with souls, but I very often max the souls as well.

For defense I use dragons, nothing too fancy. I best goblins pretty easily on offense so don’t bother with them on defense. Dragon defenses usually give me more trouble.

The worst are those dang 21 damage true shot teams. One mistake and your done.


If I see a mythic true shot in first slot, I immediately resign the fight. It simply isn’t worth the effort.


Why dont u use a true shoot instead of skeleton?


Ah, I get it, cuz u need Skeleton cuz hes making skulls and also gives an extra turn, for then to have keeper of souls backing up after. Testing it now :slightly_smiling:


It’s worth it, I win about 80-85% of the time against mythic true shot. It just takes longer cause you have to take you’re tinge and plan a lot more.

Plus the challenge is fun.


My current first troop has 19 life at start. One bad drop and I lose my main damage dealer, meaning it takes forever to plow through the opponent, even if all goes well with loops. Far more efficient to move on than to spend time on a fight that comes down to a bad-luck based loss


Meh, I don’t mind losing rarely