Welcome graveyard mirrored Slime!

It’s me again, lol…

Can’t believe my luck, I just got a Slime. But now I am not sure where he would fit in, because I am still very stupid in this game, I mean, I am still very new. A helping hand would be appreciated!


Slime creates purple mana, which can go very well with many Skull generation abilities, such as Skeletons, Bone Dragon, Soul Keeper, or even the Hero weapon Nysha’s Skull.

You can combine these extra Skulls with any creature that has the True Shot trait for a very brutal lineup. (IE. Glade Warden, Centaur Scout, Atlanta, Buffy…err I mean Avina)

A suggested build by @ctu1208 I use is :


Works very well. If you have these troops.

Green Slime
Keeper Of Souls (replacable by Bone Dragon or even Skeleton, but that’s less effective)

I use the exact build for one of my soul farmer teams, except with Abho as the front line tank.

Abhorath - leadership
Green Slime - Nature Link
Valkyrie - all three
Keeper of Souls - necromancy

OP, since you said you’re relatively new you may not have those legendaries to use yet. If you want a “starter” farm team you can place Banshee in the last slot and a troop or weapon that uses red in the first slot.

If you want a real cheesy but brutal team with troops you probably have in your inventory this team has shown up on PvP and I even fear it with my legendary lineups:

Centaur Scout - true shot
Skeleton x2 - undead bond
Green Slime - nature link is nice but not essential

Please don’t put that one on defense please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for all the replies. Awesome help in really fast time.

My favourite was Emos Centaur Scout lineup. Since I only need 10000 souls and some stones for green slime to make it running.

If souls are a problem, that’s good reason enough to play a deck with Valkyrie.

I need 10000 souls to create a team with valkyrie.

So… You should start now ^^

Cant say that you are wrong :slightly_smiling:

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By the way


And a banner of whole blue.

Would this worked good?

Well, Druid is rather strong, but it can’t give any extra turn.
Besides, Druid doesn’t pack a lot of attack when compared to other troops.

In my opinion, the deck works at low level but isn’t really good.
If you mean to use it temporarily since you have a full leveled Druid and want to run Valkyries to farm souls, then go ahead.
I’d tweak it a bit though, going Valk / Druide / Valk / Druide since Valkyrie has more attacks, besides, once your Druids are dead, you Valkyrie mana generation is useless.

Whole blue banner though… I’m not a big fan : Valkyrie takes 10 mana to charge it’s spell. So having either +1 red or +1 yellow means you’ll easily load a Valkyrie in 3 3-gem matches (with no mana surge) while you would need 4 3-gem matches without it. So go with blue/red or blue/yellow banner.