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Morthani's Death Slime - early team

So I’ve only been playing for a few weeks, and I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying the game (wish I’d started earlier). I thought I’d share my current team, since it’s definitely been part of the fun. Nothing super-devastating, but it easily took me to Tier 1 in PvP, and does okay defensively, as well (still rank 70,000+, of course).

Morthani’s Death Slime

  • Deathknight with Morthani’s Scythe (Ghulvania)
  • Green Slime (Karakoth)
  • Ferit (Karakoth)
  • Dark Maiden (Zhul’Kari)
  • Dark Elven Banner (Zhul’Kari)


You get Ferit from the Karakoth quest line, and the Deathknight class from Ghulvania. Two Karakoth troops give a little bit of synergy, but nothing fancy. The first two weapon upgrades both give bonuses to attack, so that’s nice.

Game Tactics
The way this team plays is all about sudden bursts of purple gems to fill the Scythe and Ferit. I’m generally finding two Scythe strokes are enough to ensure most battles (though anything that Submerges is a major pain!).

Here’s my usual sequence:

  • Look for Blue gems to fill up my Slime.
  • Also take Purple, Brown and Red, but try to avoid taking Green.
  • Take Skulls to benefit from the first slot’s high attack.
  • Look for a fair layout of Green and Purple gems to try get a 4- or 5-match from the Slime, but remember that it does create some gems, so don’t be too fussy.
  • If your Scythe is nearly full, try to fill and cast it before Sliming.
  • If there’s a choice between matching Skulls and casting Morthani’s, cast the Scythe, because you’ll have a much better chance of getting a follow-up Skull match.
  • Use Ferit to drain the last enemy creature (very useful when they’re a boss!). Do try to cast him before Sliming, but it’s not a big priority.
  • Use Dark Maiden to: 1) Fill up on Blue or Purple; 2) Rearrange the board and instantly refill Red; 3) Increase the number of Greens before Sliming; or 4) Just get rid of a board full of Yellows. Always try to get a 4- or 5-match, and remember no extra gems are created (unlike Green Slime).

The reason for the order is that your Deathknight does lots of Skull damage, but Green Slime has a chance to increase their attack (or armour or life) on each cast, making them a better option for second place than Ferit.

In terms of Traits, I’ve really struggled to find the necessary Traitstones, but the following are useful (in order): all three Green Slime traits, Dark Maiden’s 1st and 3rd traits, Ferit’s 2nd and 3rd traits, and Deathknight’s 3rd trait. Not ideal, but okay.

For PvP, I substituted Dimetraxia (the quest award from Darkstone) for Dark Maiden because I don’t trust the AI to use Dark Maiden properly. The AI tries to fill Dark Maiden preferentially (probably because it takes the least gems), but she’s the least important element of the team, and is mostly wasted if you don’t get a 4-match on cast. Dimetraxia adds some toughness to last position, which is handy if your opponent attacks from both ends, or just to hang on at the end – plus the Burn effect. Unfortunately, her first trait is useless here.

If the Skulls generated by Morthani’s Scythe are too problematic, Death’s Grasp (or any Purple scythe) is a good substitute. Personally, I really enjoy how Skull kills can chain together on the back of a cast! And even the random element of it is fun and rewarding. I’ve even considered adding a Skull generator to the team.

When farming Souls, Atlanta (also handy vs Undead) and/or Banshee are good substitutes for Ferit or Dark Maiden – though the Scythe often finishes off my opponent too quickly to take advantage.

Note that this team does run into trouble with Submerged creatures (as I mentioned) and once the opposition’s strength allows more than one enemy to survive a third Scythe cast. That’s because the second and third Scythe casts are likely to kill something and generate Skulls. Early in the match, your Deathknight should have enough armour to absorb the hit of left-over Skulls. But later in the match, the extra Skulls are likely to kill your Deathknight. On the other hand, once you’re able to level your team, they can generally manage to clean up without the lead.

There you go. Post a message if you give it a try and enjoy this team. It won’t get you high on the leaderboard, but it’s a lot of fun to play!


I will try this team out thank you for sharing

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To see how I evolved this team into the mid-game using a fully-traited Emperor Khorvash, see the sequel at: Death by Emperor -- mid-game Deathknight team