Changes to the Valk + purple spammer + skeleton meta

The nerd to the Bone Dragon and Skeleton left my main attack/soul farm team much less effective. I was using Skelly/Slime/Valk/Bone D., but since Skelly no longer gains attack and Bone D’s boost ratio is worse, it just wasn’t murdering like it used to, and that’s a good thing in some ways because variations on that theme were way overpowered. However, I wanted to keep using it because it was effective at its main purpose. Then I noticed the changes to the Giant Spider…

My new team is Skelly/Valk/Skelly/G. Spider. I ditched the Bone Dragon because without the Skeleton’s ability to gain attack, his lower boost ratio is just low enough to be more of a risk than an asset in a lot of battles. Plus, Skeleton is much easier to charge, so two of them going with extra turns just seems to work better.

I chucked the Slime for a couple reasons. First, a transform skill is more predictable than a spam, even the Slime’s spam, so a guaranteed extra turn is much easier to get. Second, because don’t rely on greens being on the board with the Spider, you’re way more flexible in terms of what both the Valkyrie and the Spider transform.

The downside is the Spider Swarm; once the first Skeleton is dead, string the second one ready to go brings in a troop that blocks your Valkyrie on fire mama and has poor stats. It does provide an extra meat shirk, but often it just slows the match down.

So what is everyone else using in place of their old Valk/purple spammer/skull spammer setup? Or are you just now starting it because of the changes? Have at it!

ever considered sunweaver to feed mana and boost attk on skelly? my team was a lot like yours before update. have not came up with anything quite as good as was before but still a decent team

Since everything that I liked to use is now changed I’ll tell ya what I would use. I used Star Gazer with all three traits for that purpose (With third trait she starts with full mana) She would give my First Centaur Scout 33-36 attack points right off the bat, depending on how many blue gems were on the board.

An interesting variation on the theme. I was mainly thinking of spamming purple, but a direct injection of mana is good too. Only problem is it doesn’t get you the extra turns though…

yes, have tried star gazer to and works. another good idea. just don’t expect it to be quite as powerful as before, which in all honesty was overly powerful. I used scout/skelly/bone/slime before = wrecking ball

another thought but probably don’t have troop yet would be a devourer such as maw first slot with trait to devour with skull match. produce skulls for it . and wreck:)

I switched out Cent. Scout with Glade Warden, he still has a 50% chance to dodge armor, something entirely taken away from Cent. Scout.

orion would be good to he has the highest true shot ability. but no agile.

think orion is 75%

I actually remember cpl of your teams Macawi. faced you in pvp a cpl times

Orion is one of the few troops that still eludes me, but he would be the one I’d use if I had the required trait stones.

yes same here. I don’t have that troop

Bone Drag/Gloomleaf/Hero
Keeper of Souls

This is what I go with for soul farming.

I’m using (after a suggestion here on the forums)
Knight Coronet ***
Alchemist *
Valkyrie ***
Red +2 banner
As my current soul farming team

I’m looking forward to trying this setup out with hero using Yasmine’s Chalice in Archer or Priestess class (probably Priestess class once traited) once I unlock and level those.

I am so glad the meta has been healed of its skull obsession for the last few months… now stats are back in line with the distributions they used to be, so spells actually do something…

Spell damage, AoE, burning effects are all viable so there are way more viable options… sadly everyone will be running Valkyrie still as its still disproportionately good (read: necessary) for gathering souls…

…and don’t get me wrong - skull spawning is still a very viable strategy… just we don’t all have to use it because now spell damage is noticeable again…

I’d love to see that 3x Gorgotha (75% skull damage reduction) defending when I invade… AoE spell damage or a control team with Rockets, etc, and it’ll be down in no time…

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Lately I see proliferation of rich people and all-traited teams. The new legendary top traits are nasty and legends get back to business. Also burning scythe is the new OP thing with mana support.

I don’t see them inline. Just because a handful of spells are now noticeable the majority is still dealing next to nothing. We are about as far from balance as ever.

OTOH with new poison effect we may get back to the webspinner teams really soon.

I dunno, I think it’s a lot more balanced that it was in a lot of ways. I haven’t had time to really explore what new teams would be viable, but as Jainus said, the over-emphasis on skull damage being put to rest makes a lot of other teams at least usable. That said, I think Goblins are STILL overpowered (in some ways more than ever now that Zaejin gives an attack boost). But I think given time we’ll discover that with the new meta there are a good variety of teams that are useful, especially given the changes to the Hero.

Sure, the overskulling goes to the past, but it’s mainly due to skelton not getting attack and proliferation of traited gorgotha in front, picking up spells is getting a must.

But let’s not forget that we have like 180 spells on troops and another 50-100 (does anyone have a count?) weapons. How many of those fell in the ‘viable’ category?

Sure, going from 0 to 10 or 20 is big deal, but if we count the other way around, going from 240 forget-its to 220, it’s no longer as impressive.

The thing with Hero Weapons is that many were never intended to be of much use past a certain level. And if all event weapons were amazing then it’d be that much harsher for players that missed their chance to get them.

I do agree some weapons are in definite need of revisal (Bullroarer, you poor pathetic weapon), and there’s a clear difference from old weapons compared to the newest ones. (Eggsplosion vs Sands of Time, Wrenchmaster vs Yasmine’s Chalice, Nature’s Wrath/Withering Touch/Soultrap/Celestial Staff/Spider’s Kiss vs any other weapon, etc.)

At least Devs are changing up the late-game mastery weapons a bit. (Including Farsight Orb, Gard’s Wall, Nysha’s Skull, Vile Flask, etc.) Whether that makes them viable still remains to be seen, but it’s something.