Glacial Peaks is a gold mine for Valkyrie teams

Wow, so much awesome Blueness! Valk had some good teams before, but the new kingdom opens up a bunch of cool stuff. I have three teams in testing right now:

“Winter’s Bite”

Winter Wolf***
Giant Spider* (too stingy to go **)

The theory here is to freeze and Mark the first enemy, then Fire Skelly and do HUGE damage thanks to WW’s traits. Downside is if he creates blue gems he might give the enemy an extra turn. Which is my ultimate goal is to replace WW with Borealis when I have the trait stones to max him out.


Sea Troll

Kind of obvious again: fill Borealis and Yeti, freeze all enemies, then do massive damage with Yeti. Sea Troll, while helpful, isn’t strictly necessary, so even if he dies the team still functions.

“Queen Mab” (yeah I suck at names lol)

War and Peace (Archer with +2 magic)
Giant Spider*
Queen Mab

Dude, massive AoE damage plus extra turn? Done right, you use the extra turn to power Mab with GS and get ANOTHER extra turn. First position could be a number of things as long as it doesn’t disrupt mama collection behind it, and really it’s main function is tanking so summoning the spider swarm isn’t a problem other than blocking Valk from collecting red. This is my favorite of the three so far. I managed to take out legendary challenges on Warlord IV without too much trouble, but I haven’t tested it in PVP yet.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Other favorite Valk+Glacial Peaks teams?


I’m using

Soothsayer (3)
Valkyrie (3)
Queen Mab (short on runics)
Crimson Bat (1)

Soothsayer helps Valkyrie get full within 2 turns while powering everyone up. Valkyrie does her thing. Mab and Bat clean up. Simple and too the point.

I’m using


Empowered Mercy can usually get Gorgotha going right away. And once that mana-generator gets going… ohh boy.

I tried the third build of your’s - Queen Mab. I’m using Sorcerer class so I put in Black Manacles instead of W+P but it works pretty well in pvp. Beat a double Maw team and a triple IK team with it. :thumbsup: from me.

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Glacial Peaks really is a nice kingdom. I’m hoping to fully trait all the troops, still missing:

  • Winter Knight: One trait.
  • Tassarion: Two traits.
  • Borealis: Three traits.
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My favorite has been:

Queen Mab ** (looking forward to )


Double red banner

Alchemist fill up the valkyries, valk’s let you fill Mab once or twice, repeat until you finally have to give the other team a turn.

Bumped Mab up to **, and wow does Arcane make a difference. Once I get her to *** that team is going to be well nigh unstoppable. Just don’t have enough Arcane stones yet…

golem** (dont have traitstones for gorgotha yet)

top 100 every day :smiley:

I’m using that, but tried a few other first slot: Soothsayer*** (extra magic, board manip), Hero War and Peace Archer*** (extra AE, 15% chance at outright kill), even Anointed One*** (fast red generation, match 4+ for Mab’s freeze). Lots of options.

I think I prefer the simple: Valk, Mab***, Mab***, Mercy*** set up. I tried with gorgotha and it just felt clunky.

I’ve started using Gorgotha now that I have him, but before that I was using Mountain Crusher & especially if you switch to a brown-mana-boosting class, the Mountain Crusher explodes the whole board. It’s nice.

I only have one copy of Mab, though. So I’ve been doing…



Tyri, for maps (I spent all my glory on Monday & need to replenish)


Naga Queen (uses green, makes red to feed Valk, heals)


Winter Imp*** (On defends, not sure it works)

Might try Boar Rider? I haven’t leveled many green-mana-using damage dealers.

Which troop is this?

It’s a hero weapon. Quick google tells me that it unlocks when you get your brown gem mastery to 30.

:flushed:…[cough] Yeah I new that…I was erm…just checking you did! xxx

{hangs head in shame scurrying back to his lvl 400 account}

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I am proud to have passed your test, sensei.


Don’t feel too bad; I was all “Wait, I’m missing a troop I didn’t know about?” at first too. Lol

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