Team is Feeling Stale

Sigh, I am not feeling my team lately and am looking for suggestions to spice things up. I run:


*Varies between Soothsayer or Flesh Golem with necro on challenges to hit the soul cap.

I use this team for basically everything, from farming challenges to pvp. The Alch and Val are traited for bonus souls and gold. I play on one off the hardest difficulty for challenges and turn it down a notch or two for pvp. I win so much with this team and it makes tons of resources with each go. I love the deck building aspect of the game, but other combinations that are strategically different don’t measure up to the resources generated by my A-team, let alone hold up at the difficulty levels I play at. It just seems inefficient to play anything else.

I might be in a creative rut, so I am curious if anyone has some good suggestions for interesting teams to play. I have all quest epics, all but 12 of the non-quest epics, and the following four legendaries: Jarl, Silent One, Gloomleaf and Sephirina (sp? the dragon that creates gems and gives life).

Grinding for traitstones is getting a bit old, so I thought I would ask you guys for advice.


I’m in the same spot, simply because using something that doesn’t have two Necromancy traits and Valkyrie doesn’t make a lot of sense right now… too bad souls are sooooo necessary.

Yes I felt that way, until I realized I would end up quitting If I didn’t do something to get out of the rut. Right now I’m running:

Glade warden
Centaur scout

It’s unique and interesting, sometimes CRAZY fast. It does suck not seeing those large soul numbers though.

Hey @PlotDevice do you have Green Slime? Great with Valkyrie and a skeleton…

Try using a black beast summoner set-up to make an uber mach black beast that can crush a goblin king.

I like the summoner suggestion. I will def try that one out. I also recently pulled a green slime, so I will try that as well.

BUT I have found a team that is pretty impressive. I recently pulled a green seer, and saw an interesting combo:

Green Seer
Slime ← will go up front when leveled
Giant Spider
Goblin Shaman

This team is nigh unstoppable once it gets going. Things sometimes get stalled when using the spider’s ability, but for the most part the other team does not take take a turn. Even if they do they are usually entangled.

So I guess I found a solution!

Thanks guys!

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That’s a nice team set up, yeah… bit dependent on luck (need the slime to buff its attack to really get going) and dependent on skull drops for damage… Try Aziris or even a Skeleton instead of one of the green spawners some time…

I was was actually thinking that the spider could be switched out. His is the least important ability for keeping my turn going. I can often get away without using his ability. I’ll give Aziris a shot next.