Need some help building a new team

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months now, and have been really enjoying it. But, it can be extremely frustrating at times. I am level 169 now, and have the majority of the non-legendary cards. I only have a handful of legendary cards. I am terrible at putting teams together, and need some help.

My current team that I have been running the majority of the time in the game thus far consists of Goblin, Hobgoblin, Boar Rider, & Sunweaver (in that order) with the blue/yellow banner. My strategy is to match blue and yellow gems as much as possible to charge my Sunweaver up and boost herself up as much as possible. I can usually take out a enemy troop or two before losing my first three troops. I typically end up with only my Sunweaver taking on the majority of the team. I know this is not a very efficient strategy, but has worked for me for the most part so far.

Now that I’m getting up in rank, this team is not nearly as effective. I have tried to use another team consisting of War and Peace (weapon) with Alchemist, Valkyrie, and Sunweaver. This works ok, but still not ideal.

I want to experiment with some cards, but they cost too many souls to just go upgrading a card to find out that it doesn’t work well for me. I need some suggestions on a decent team. I am terrible at putting a team together. The legendary cards that I have available are as follows; Behemoth, Bunni’Nog, Gorgotha, Infernal King, and Kerberos. I am missing the following epics; Anointed One, Aziris, Barbearius, Bul’Tauros, Dokkalfar, Faunessa, Ghiralee, Gob-Chomper, Green Seer, Ice Witch, Salamander, Swamplash, Tankbot 2000, Wildfang, and Zephyros. I have the rest of the cards not mentioned. I’m also missing quite a few of the weapons. My mana mastery is in the 25-30 range on all colors. I have the following legendary weapons; Basalisk Fang, Creeping Death, Dragon Oak, Prismatic Orb, Serve and Protect, & War and Peace.

Thanks to anyone who reads through my wall of text. And thanks for any help. It is greatly appreciated.

Star Gazer***
Aziris (doesn’t need to be leveled)
Inferno King (doesn’t need to be leveled)
+2 yellow

The above team should be sufficient based on what you have and without using too many souls. Use Star Gazer’s ability on the first turn on Templar. She also gets +3 magic from all the purple troops. Then try aligning Templar’s ability while filling up Inferno King. An Inferno King cast will create a lot of skulls that Aziris will help to loop. This build requires very minimal souls due to Aziris using no magic and Inferno King having a minimal impact from such. Level 10 on both would likely be sufficient. Templar and Star Gazer would need to be as max as possible though.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I don’t have the Aziris card.

Oh, thought that was under the “had” list. You can use something like Alchemist instead.

No problem. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it out.

The ideal build with it is Mercy + Inferno King, but it requires Mercy being fully traited.

I do have Mercy, but she is not leveled up at all.

Definitely consider leveling Mercy. She’s an extremely useful troop in endgame builds. I’d say about half of my teams have her in them.

Gorgotha is awesome if you ever get that third trait… And pretty damned good anyway…

Something purple

Rowanne is pretty powerful now, and Sunweaver probably the best buff / support troop…

It’s got one piece of information outdated, which is the amount of magic you can gain, because we got 2 new magic kingdoms, But i do believe this is what you’re looking for.

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Really, you’re 3/4 of the way to a very solid goblin team. I know a lot of people use a similar version of this, but if you trade out your Sunweaver for a Goblin Shaman then you’ll get the max. bonus for troop type and kingdom. Boost your green as much as possible and you can get a fully leveled goblin full mana on any match of 3, and the Boar Rider is pretty great on that team, it hits decently hard and you can really use the row destruction plus extra turn to set up some pretty combos.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. This is a great community. I will try out people’s suggestions. I came across a team earlier that beat me badly and decided I’d try it out myself. It is Alistair, Templar, Paladin, and Prismatic Orb. It’s a pretty solid team.

Thanks for the advice. When I read Gorgotha’s ability, I don’t quite get why it’s so special. Exploding gems doesn’t seem like that great of an ability. The granite skin trait is pretty nice though. I guess the exploding gems are good for building up other troop’s abilities.

Gorgotha got me through my early levels.

When it explodes a gem, you collect mana from that gem, and also all gems touching it.
Effectively, you could get nine mana (of random colour) from it.
Also, if you explode a skull, it deals 1 point of damage to the top enemy.
And Gorgotha explodes more gems the better he gets.
So, with a single cast, he can sometimes refill himself, or he can fill up your other spells.

The granite skin is elite. Mind you, try getting those arcane stones.

Graniteskin is so powerful because the computer doesn’t know to stop hitting him with skulls and instead go for magic damage (assuming the defense team has any). Thus, as an attacker, you lead with Gorgotha and add in a healer maybe, and you can basically completely ignore 3-match skulls while you fill your team with mana. Until/unless the AI gets a revamp, traited Gorgotha at the front is a huge asset.

I’m now ‘jonesin’ for that 3rd trait on Gorgotha. He was my go-to tank through my early days. Prior to traits I very successfully ran:

Boar Rider
Hero w/ blue weapon
+2 brown

Now if you can get that Granite Skin, you would only use Emperina just to boost the skull damage that Gorgotha deals.