Advice on building teams


I have had a hard time creating teams that work. I’m not looking for someone to give me the next awesome team. I’m just looking for advice on what to keep in mind when putting the team together. Synergy is one of the most important themes I’ve heard but for the most part I end up using something that someone else had put together. And usually with great success. I was a die hard skull creationist coupled with True Shot but with 1.09 those teams don’t seem to work the same against the new meta.

Right now I have two choices for what team to use when seeing what I’m going up against.

Treant / Valkyrie / Alchemist / Sunweaver


Green Slime / Goblin Shaman / Goblin Shaman / Green Seer

Both of these teams were suggestions in pre 109 posts and they work well with the new meta but . . . .

I need some advice from those willing to give it. Don’t worry about what cards I have. I was just wondering about the criteria some of you look at when trying out something new to try to find that next “best” build.



I use my hero in my team if/when i can. Your hero is important for tanking as you can give him a class and level that class. There are multiple different types of team builds. Tank; where you have a front end monster that never dies while you wittle away at the opponent. Hero, sunweaver , alchemist , Valkyrie as an example team. Control; where you try to make matches in order to keep the turn on you. Alchemist, valk, tyri, giant spider as an example. All in; where by you go balls to the wall and hope the moment it goes off you win. 3x rock worm and a deep borer as an example. Rainbow; one of every colour with only one thought in mind. Ogre, priestess, black beast, summoner as an example. Themed; a team built around a purpose or idea.
Lance knight, griffon knight, wolf knight, knight corronet as an example.


My current PvP team is a tank/themed combo. My first troop buffs the entire team plus has the ability to gain a barrier, then the 2nd troop has a high attack plus the avenger trait. By the time my first troop dies (sometimes takes a while!) the rest of my team has 80-90 armour. Plus now any skulls I match deal a lot of damage (because of troop 2’s high attack). Troop 3 and 4 are spellcasters, who are used for targeting specific enemy troops. (Troop 3 is the hero)

So in short, I have a team which is like:

  1. Tank/Barrier/Buffer
  2. Attacker
  3. High-damage spellcaster (both damage and effect)
  4. Spellcaster (nothing special but adds bonuses to team because of type)


First thing I’m looking for is to put in Valkyrie, as always, then add in some cleanse all.

Definitely not Alistair :v


If we’re talking high-level theorycrafting then I think a good rule is to always mix in some mana generation and/or board control basically no matter what. You want to be able to get mana on the right unit and to be able to block the opponent from doing so.

Other than that, I think it’s all about finding synergy among units, but I don’t think there are any rules to live by bc there’s so much variation and it’s so dependent on individual preference. Often Kingdom and Troop bonuses are very helpful. Usually you want a front-line tank.

It’s also dependent on the current meta or flavor-of-the-month. If everyone is using Attack-based teams then a front-liner with Stoneskin becomes extra effective. If everyone is using Goblins, have a Gobchomper team on standby.