I might want to make some videos of "beginner" team builds

Hey all :slight_smile:

I was recently thinking about how many family and friends I help play this game and how they struggle so much putting together basic teams that work for them. The obvious limiting factor is them having only a small pool of cards to work with and none of them being the “heavy hitter” cards that are featured in so many popular builds.

This isn’t a knock against those awesome super-builds, rather more of a thought for the new player that also need some help and might be shut out when seeing what players with 500+ hours of play have in their stables lol

So what I’m wondering is if you think it would be a good idea for me to put together some “basic” team builds for new players and if so, what builds would you recommend?

One I was thinking of doing is:

Valk / Poison Master / Gob / Druid

How I arrived at this was thinking of what was in my deck after gathering, say, my first 20 troops and how I would put them together then, knowing what I know NOW. Anyways without getting carried away describing it you know what i mean?

Tell me honestly what you think and if this is a good/bad idea. I need some perspective too :smiley:


I think this is a decent idea, but the problem is that new players are drawing a small number of cards from a pretty big pool, so each one is likely to have a unique assortment of cards. For myself, I didn’t pull Valkyrie until I was fairly far along (Druid, too, I think, but I’m not as sure about that one).

A couple suggestions for you:

  1. Everyone has a hero, and the hero is relatively strong in the early going, so including some easily obtainable hero weapons might be a thought.
  2. Rather than focusing on specific team-builds, you might want to focus on some strategies for building a useful team, such as covering mana colours, using transformers, board control, mana-denying, etc.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’ve watched a couple of your videos and enjoy your style, so I’d encourage you to keep it up.

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That’s a great point and something I had mulled over.

Actually all of your points are good but that’s the one that caught my attention the most.

Has anything been put together like this before? I would love to make such a video but don’t want to re-tread ground that may have already been covered.

@Tacet has done a video or two in this vein, but don’t let that stop you! Everyone has their own take on strategy, and their own presentation style, so even if you walk a travelled road, you’re bound to bring something unique to the discourse.


Tacet actually did a whole series where he restarted with a new account, his “Let’s play” series, but what you are talking about sounds more focused on team-building, so I think it would be worthwhile. There are some beginner-focused guides in the “Community Guides” section, but most of the beginner stuff there is pretty old. I’ve picked up lots of good tips and tricks from various forum topics, but I’m not seeing anything that really covers some basic team-building strategies.

I think the first thing new players should do is complete the Broken Spire quest line and unlock Luther


Not the Tyri questline? Maps are cool for n00bs no?

Luther is available earlier and buffs attack for all allies, and is a decent early-game tank. His benefits are obvious, especially in the early game. If you can give all of your troops 5 or 6 more attack, that really helps in a lot of battles.

Tyri has her uses, but can be much more difficult to use effectively. I find I need to do a lot of thinking about what is going to drop where when she steals gems, which gives her high potential to help or hurt the board layout. She’d still be the second questline Epic I’d focus on, but to try to explain how to use her well to a new player would be difficult.

That’s a great point!

Thanks. I just know how hard it is for ME to figure out how to use her well. There are some times, like when you’ve got a column with say, two reds, one black and then two more reds, where you can say “just remove the black and you’re guaranteed an extra turn”, but other times are not as clear cut.

Zaejin, Zhul’Kari and Mist of Scales are all kingdoms with good synergic troops, the last two mentioned were recently reworked, it’s easy to assemble and understand the mechanics. Zaejin have goblins, so you probably already know how good they are for beginners. :slight_smile:

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