Some words for the currently meta

I still nowadays try out new teams with troops I really like. I am not saying that they fit as good together as f.example the Goblin team or other teams like stone/granite/rowanne/dragons OP teams. But what frustrates me time after time is that the team I am creating does’nt have a chance against much of the teams I am meeting in PVP. For me the game doesnt allow me to do much changes from the already listed teams in this forum, that most experienced players is using. So I always end up(dissapointly) going back to one of the OP teams to have a chance winning games in the PVP. I am a fan of variation and for me the variations in the game looks quite limited.

However, I gave it another chance to create a little unique monster team with 4 monsters that has all the traits. On paper it looks solid, but not OP, but I even struggle to win against average teams. It feels like the game is based on having an OP team to have a chance to win, most of the times. And doesnt give average/good teams a chance.

What is your thoughts about this?

Eika :slight_smile:


I am not good a putting together good teams. I have found it frustrating for the same reasons. Not to mention the high cost of traiting these teams just to find that they get eaten. At times it takes the right board to help a team along too. I end up relying of the suggestions I find on this forum for the most part.


I will say this to add a little perspective. The team i use for defense is a team i wouldn’t use to invade. There’s more thought on the team that you personally helm, rather than the one you put on defense. There’s a counter for every counter in this game, and getting any defense wins is remarkable. IMO it’s all about spell damage now. Those Gorgothas fall to it and Celestasia’s hate split damage and devour.

Just my two cents.

I don’t tend to find that problem. It could be because I have all level 20s and most troops fully traited, but I do find nearly every team I build to win at a 100% rate. The main issue I have is getting the win time as close to under 1 minute as possible, which no creative build will do.

I made 2 builds today for fun. One would be really good for newer players:
Goblin Shaman ** or ***
Dark Maiden ***
Dark Maiden ***
Dark Maiden ***
Brown/Purple Banner
It has 4 troops with cursed and will fill each Dark Maiden with a single non-surge green match. It would be really good for lower leveled players with how effective 4x cursed, +3 magic, and a quick poison cast can be against most decks. The build can also replace a Dark Maiden with a Dryad and switch banner to Green/Purple. The only problem with that switch is it will be one less cursed and one less magic, but it would cover all colors.

The other team I built today for fun was:
Celestasia ***
Venoxia ***
Jarl Firemantle ***
Moloch ***
Brown/Yellow Banner
It has 4 troops that trigger from 4x and 5x gem matches. After the cycle gets started, all you have to do is cast Celestasia on Moloch, then Jarl, then repeat. It could even do without the Venoxia, or Venoxia in first slot, or Venoxia Replaced with another Moloch with Jarl lead. It is a fun team to watch, but it clocks in around 3-5 minutes per match, which is way too slow.

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I agree with you on the defense part. But my post was about invading. The thing I am saying is that even if there is counter for every counter in this game, you wont be able to take down an OP team without using an OP team yourself. A good team won’t be good enough up against them.

I dont know. A double Crimson Bat team doesnt care too much about what teams they face.

“The main issue I have is getting the win time as close to under 1 minute as possible, which no creative build will do.”

For real? No teams out there has an avg of close to under 1 minute per match as possible. Before maybe it was able with 1-2minutes per game with the true shot teams.

I would catogry a Crimson Bat team as OP on a general basis. Also when one have those extra magics and his 3rd trait, very OP team!



All mythic and 2-3 PL5 Magic.

Red/Blue or Yellow/Blue banner.

  • 4x Dust Devils if you have high magic and enemy lacks many kingdom upgrades.
  • Just about any team composition composed of Inferno King + Sheggra + Mercy
  • 2x Bat - Valk - Soothsayer - Red/Yellow if Sooth gets them filled with first cast.
  • Basically any build with board manipulation empowered spells have a chance at under 1 minute

We are talking about invades in PVP not farming in challenges. Also u said u do try to come as close as possible to build a team taking close to under 1 minute per match. I take that as it in average will taking close to under 1 minute per match. Ive tried your teams, they doesnt take close to under 1 minute in avg in PVP.

4x Dust Devils IN PVP can reach sub-1 minute if you keep rerolling until you find teams that you can 3-5 shot. The other few are a lot more luck based for constant 1 minute.

Maybe in some games, but in average of 50 games it cant.

Bone Dragon
with the Khaziel banner

It’s my main Team and it finishes about half it’s matches in a minute or less, two for most of the rest. Of course it’ll run into a match where comes slow once in a while and take a while, but every Team does.

I am not gonna believe that the team you are showing is finishing about a half of its matches in a minute or less, sorry…

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I just timed the Dust Devil team. I just did a 6 cast match at 67 seconds. As mentioned earlier 3-5 cast matches hit sub 1 minute. Also, the match I did it in was quite a hilarious versus.

Do 50 matches with it and then calculate the average.

That would easily be under a minute if you only count in match time. Counting all the rerolls and downtime between matches it would probably take 60-70 minutes total to do 50 matches. I might do a video on it later this week of 25 matches (50 would be too long for a video, and PvP tends to repeat the same people). I am feeling inclined to start up a YouTube channel focused mainly on Gems of War. xD


I am of course talking about how long it will take til you start a match to you end the match.

In all fairness though, dust devils are idiotic in design, of course you will have fast games if you generally don’t play the board at all…

@ Eika, That being said, Tacets points all stand, skull generator teams can still end matches really fast, as long as there is no traited Gorgotha involved, a lot of AoE teams that include heroes or are based on true damage end matches quite fast as well.

I don’t think this discussion will go far if you split hairs on a battle’s duration being slightly less or slightly more than a minute.


I don’t agree with you guys. I neither cant say I have the most experience in this game, but I have enough experience to say that there is no teams that takes less or close to 1 minute in PVP in an average in the currently meta. Maybe in 1.08 it was close to 1minute in average with the true shot teams, but thats another case. I think some of you really are full of yourselves.