Team Help / Advice

So with the change to the hero class timer I’ve started to play with some team compositions for Archer, which is my favourite class so far (out of the three I’ve tried <.< >.>) and was looking for some feedback and suggestions on a team I feel might work ok, but something still feels a little off with it.

(Caveat: I currently don’t have any legendaries, and only a handful few non-quest epics. Currently at 1 level 10 Magic Kingdom, and probably a while before I get another)

Banner: Sword Banner (Blue/Yellow)
Templar* (R)
Dryad** (UR)
Valkyrie** (UR)

Level 79
Archer (Level 20)
Quickshot Perk
Attack 12
Armour 19
Health 23
Magic 11

Lord of Thorns (+1 Armour, +1 Life)

Dragon Oak (16 Damage + Boost)
War and Peace (11 Damage to all, 2 Attack to allies)

I’m considering both weapons as possibilities, possibly something I change based upon what team I’m fighting. Also I’m unsure on the banner still, I feel like I should probably have some of it in green, maybe Banner of Song (Yellow/Green)? I know I still need to work a lot on traits, particularly for the Hero.

What are people’s thoughts, could this team work? Are there any obvious changes that could be made? The main goal I’m aiming for would be winning in PVP. I’m not so fussed with farming souls or anything with it etc, as I have other teams for that.

EDIT: I should probably also mention that I’m specifically trying to use my hero in a team as they’re one of the tankiest troops I have at the moment.

EDIT2:,1138,6025,6062 link to team build