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Help with Team Composition and Direction

Hello everyone,

I’m new to forum and fairly new to this game (lvl 75). I need some help with my team composition. I am currently using:

Hero with Frostreaver axe (red weapon)
Boar Rider (green/purple)
Druid (blue/green)
Goblin Shaman (black/purple)

This team has been treating me well even though I’m missing yellow. What I would like to know is since the latest patch and all the things it has added, my hero is becoming much weaker than the rest of the team. What troop would be good to replace my hero with? I don’t have that many legendaries, but I have most of the other troops.

The current legendaries that I have are: Venoxia, Gorgotha, Bone Dragon, Celestia, Orion, Goblin King, and Silent One

Also, I’m curious as to what would be the most beneficial thing to do now. Should I be trying to level up my kingdoms evenly or try to up one kingdom to level 10 and then work on another one. Right now all my kingdoms are lvl 4 or 5 with one at lvl 7.

Last but not least, how should I be working on the kingdom power? So far I am trying to get all my kingdoms to have the white star. So I have just been leveling up troops to lvl 5 until I get a white star and then I move on to the next kingdom.

Any help will be great and thanks.



Do you have Valk and Druid fully traited?

If so you can run:


Banner: Red/Yellow, Red/Blue or Yellow/Blue.

Nice soul farming team with a good pace. This team is effective up to L200, and even useful after L200.


Thanks for the reply.

Is this dependent on being fully traited? I have very few traits. None on the druid and I can get at least the first one on the valkyrie.

I heard that Valkyrie is great for soul farming, so I will probably be working on leveling her up next unless there is a better option to complete my team for now.

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Yeah, mainly because the Druids has the fast trait, so all 3 starts off with half filled manas, and they have the trait, Blessed, which gives all your troops 2+2+2 random skill points. Also all 4 troops in this team has water link, giving 4+ extra manas for each water combos. :slight_smile: You should try it when you get the stones, its also quite funny to play this team.

In Maurgim Woods you can farm for the Swamp Arcanes for the Druids, you need like 3. Any other stones here will be important as well for his traits.

In Adana you can farm for Valkyries Arcanes as well as other important stones for her trait. She needs 2 Arcanes.

If you complete a certain story line then you can get tyri. If tyri has the map effect then grind out maps and play them.


Valkyrie’s value isn’t just for Soul farming, she is the best Blue Mana generator in the game. I’d recommend;

using either Adana’s or Sword Edge’s Banner

I’d work on getting SH and Druid’s Water Link and Valkyrie’s Necromancy as soon as possible. You miss out on Brown, but with Valkyrie that gives her an easy target and Celestasia is great for healing/Cleansing/filling a half-full Troop.

Ok, thanks for the help. I got my work cut out. I want to finish up the remaining quest lines before I start farming for traitstones, but I’ll start leveling up Valkyrie and then the others Shadow-Hunter and Celestasia.

Oh and thanks for the locations of the arcane traitstones.

Here’s a list (just match what Mana the Troop uses to the Kingdom Mana bonus);

Broken Spire - Shield
Adana - Storm
Karakoth - Death
Zhul’kari - Venom
Whitehelm - Summer
Divinion Fields - Plains
Mist of Scales - Blood
Pan’s Vale - Light
Forest of Thorns - Stealth
Khaziel - Deep
Khetar - Spirit
Zaejin - Forest
Pridelands - Rage
Sword’s Edge - Blade
Ghulvania - Dark
Stormheim - Stoic
Maugrim Woods - Swamp
Grosh-Nak - Lava
Wild Plains - Beast
Darkstone - Skull
Drifting Sands - Mountain

In regards to your question concerning leveling your kingdoms. It is great that you have all at level 4 and/or 5 - this will increase your chances for kingdoms to pay tribute when you collect your income (note: collect hourly if you can). Now you should concentrate on leveling one kingdom to 10 before moving on to the next. Once a kingdom reaches level 10, it will increase a skill for your troops. Many focus on magic first, then attack, then armor or life.

Here’s what the Consoles have;

(Kingdom) - (Mana Mastery) - (Stat Bonus for level 10)
Adana - Yellow - Armor
Broken Spire - Brown - Life
Darkstone - ?
Divinion Fields - Yellow - Life
Forest of Thorns - Green - Attack
Ghulvania - Purple - Life
Grosh-Nak - Red - Attack
Karakoth - Purple - Magic
Khaziel - Brown - Life
Khetar - Purple - Armor
Maugrim Woods - Green - Life
Mist of Scales - Red - Life
Pan’s Vale - Yellow - Life
Pridelands - Red - Attack
Stormheim - Blue - Life
Sword’s Edge - Blue - Armor
Whitehelm - Yellow - Armor
Wild Plains - ?
Zaejin - Green - Life
Zhul’Kari - Green - Attack

Boar Rider
Silent One

Whitehelm banner