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Need Help with Teams


i’m a new player and having troubles with doing the kingdom quests. All of a sudden things got really hard. I mostly played on warlord 1 for mor xp and stuff. My current Team is Hero with Jack-o-lantern, Valkyrie, Apothecary and Lady Ironbeard. Any advice on better teams? I’m also having troubles with delves and what to unlock next. I have all above kingdoms and 2 underworld kingdoms.


Since you already use 2 dwarfs, you may want to consider making your Hero a Runepriest and using a brown weapon.
Once you have the hero traits that boost life and attack for dwarfs, and have a few traits like the barrier on brown, you will have a strong team.
Valk can be switched later once you have enough souls to another Dwarf, one of the King is nice.

I’ m killing most anything atm with this:

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Hero with non-conflicting weapon
Other yellow-something troop (Enchantress, Parrot, Dryad (to be used on first slot), Cockatrice, Drake maybe (I used Drake extensively through a lot of early game.)

Once you get Hellcat, put that in, juggle back and forth between Alchemist/Hellcat and use other troops that collect excess red/yellow mana.

I also see you have a Golem. If you unlock its second trait (even third is cheap to do for a common, just explore Khaziel to get the traitstones), you can put it in front. Something along the lines of

Lady Ironbeard

Use Golem’s spell to set up extra turns and reduce enemy armor.

As for Delves, many higher level players have trouble with them (enemy strength increases noticeably) so I don’t think you should worry about not being able to advance or even try advancing further, for that matter. There is no substantial increase (if any) in rewards doing higher difficulty delves.

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Thx for the advice. What weapon to use and what class? I’m currently using Warlord.

Can i create teams around my legendaries (Magnus isn’t shown in above link)? Also thought about a rowanne Team, but still unsure about it.

Yeah, i could only finish a delve once :frowning:

The 3 easiest troop type to build around and keeping you competitive until higher levels are Dwarf, Giant and Goblins, so i’d choose class Runepriest, Titan or Thief respectively.
These teams can do delves too once you manage to pull the summoning Legendary for the type.

Should i unlock the forge or the dungeon first? Im trying to get runepriest now.

Unlock dungeon first. Even if you can finish only the first battle it still gives you resources (shards and jewels) that slowly pile up to be used later in soulforge.

Magnus…I would only use him fully traited (which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon from where you stand) in a team consisting of two converters feeding each other, a main damage dealing troop and last slot Magnus giving negative status effects and, probably, some additional damage.

Thx for your input. ^^ Got 4 Legendaries now, Magnus, Chief Stronhorn, King Silenus and Dracos 1337. Anything worth the effort?

I’m currently trying to get the rune priest weapon for dwarves teams.

hero with khaziel weapon
Lady ironbeard
lord ironbeard

Does this work?

From what you mention, I would give King Silenus a try. Somehting along the lines of
Hero with non-conflicting weapon,
King Silenus,
Satyr or Satyr Musician.

Use Nymph on first slot to keep in entangled and chip away with others.

The only thing is that I can’t predict how it would work in your case. I have all of them fully upgraded, kingdom bonuses, guild bonuses and stuff…with smart playing I can even do some 3-trophy PVP, though it is slow and takes effort.

I switched Lord Ironbeard with Griff Stonfeather because his Skill is way more useful. It works good so far.

The list keeps growing: Behemoth, Krystenax, Sekhma and the Widow Queen. I read Krystenax is really good. Any idea for teams?