New team questions

Hi guys, I’ve been playing this for a few days now and wanted to know whether my initial team combinations work?

My setup is Knight Coronet (L10), initial trait unlocked
Hero (L38) using the Elder bow,
Valkyrie (L5)
Dark master (L12) initial trait unlocked

I also have a Goblin (L6), Archon Knight (L6 & trait unlocked) and a Frost giant (L5) which I can also swap in, as well as a high number of other common, rare and ultra rare cards along with a few Epic (4 duplicates so far - sigh) but I haven’t used souls to upgrade any…

So far I’ve had good success with it but I do wonder if I’m concentrating on the wrong types as the Knight Coronet Errant (removes purple) & Dark Master (uses purple & red) do seem counter productive.

Is it worth even keeping commons at this stage or should I sell them for souls? I’ve upgraded 2 so far to Rare but it doesn’t seem all that useful.

One last question, how useful is using the AI’s suggestions, they seem more likely to be what’s best for the opponent than for me.

Thanks for any feedback.

Howdy and welcome to GoW :grinning:

I’ll try and answer your questions:

  • Team composition.

Short version: you have to use what the game throws at you and that won’t always be what you’d like…

Longer version: Your team achieves bonuses based on a mix of the following: Home Kingdom, Creature Type, Gem Affinity. Eg. 2 or more troops from Stormheim/2 or more Giant troops/4 purple gem troops.

When attempting to build a team use the search function and filters in the [Troop] menu to give you a more accurate view of usable troops. There are currently optimal (and certainly very powerful) early combinations that work (perhaps a bit too) well…you only need to take a brief trawl through the posts on the forum to spot these…{cough} Goblins {cough} but there are many strategies that are viable and enjoyable from a free 2 play perspective.

In terms of the specific team you posted, yes I think there is some overlap - I think the Dark Master is a good troop as is Valkyrie but they both use red gems so one will take priority over the other on top of the other issue you spotted.

  • Disenchanting (selling for souls)

Pre recent updates yes this was a good way to boost your troops when kingdom levels were based on troop levels etc. Now Kingdom Power (different from Kingdom Level) is based off a few factors of which traits and evolves are dependant. I would say that it is probably not worth it (in the long term) getting rid of your common cards for a few souls…despite being common some are still very useful. The humble skeleton for example from Kehtar, features in a very powerful skull burst type team (Skeleton>Skeleton>Green Slime>Bone Dragon.)
Also as they evolve (increase in rarity) they do gain a +1Attk/Arm/Life boost which isn’t too shabby either.

  • Ai Sugestions

There is a post on here about the difference in difficulty which goes into detail, but basically the luck of the draw is weighted in the players favour on normal and in theory truly random on levels higher than that. I don’t think this has any effect on the suggestion of moves presented, but yes it does seem often to suggest moves that aren’t optimal and at worse beneficial for your opponent. You can I believe switch off the display of suggested moves in the options if it bothers you.

Hope this helps a little.

Final tip - join a guild. You will generate substantially more resources in a guild (even a very inactive one) than going it alone. Check the forum for recruitment/message other players/or if your stuck you are welcome to join mine.

May your mana surges be long and plentiful!:wink:


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You do seem to have a lack of mana diversity and other issues in there. For starters, you’re missing brown mana altogether, on top of the problem you’ve already recognized with the Knight Coronet eliminating purple. Compounding that problem is the Dark Master’s other mana type, red, is already being soaked up by your Valkyrie because she can’t get yellow due to the Knight Coronet.

If the team is working, that’s good, but you do want to start thinking of changing it for the future. As Richyread pointed out, learn your troop type and kingoms-based team bonuses and use those to your advantage when you can, and look for other ways the troops you have work together (this becomes really complex as you get more and more, but it’s doable). Try to use all mana types if possible. You could swap in the Archon Statue instead of the Dark Master to get your brown mana, and that would also eliminate any conflict with purple, for instance.

In the meantime, if you keep using your current team, I’d suggest putting your hero in front, and regardless I’d put the Knight Coronet behind the Valkyrie; they compete for yellow, but since the Valkyrie can use it to charge the Knight Coronet by transforming gems to blue, it makes more sense for her to get it than him. Just try to avoid transforming purple, since that ruins the Knight Coronet’s spell.

As for common troops DEFINITELY keep those. Some of them have amazing traits (True Shot, Agile), and because they can be Ascended to become Rare, Ultra Rare, and so on up to Mythic, their stats will get much better as well. This makes them very useful because they’re easy to level and easy to charge with mana, on top of ending up with basically equivalent stats to what Legendary troops will have.

As for the AI suggestions, I have a theory: If it’s an obviously bad move, don’t do it. If it’s neither good nor bad, go with it unless there’s something substantially better. When I was about your level it always seemed like taking a different match somehow ended up giving me bad luck, whereas following its suggestions resulted in less bad luck. Now that’s probably laden with recall bias and, well, luck, it’s the only real information I have to base an opinion on. Be careful, though–even though the AI will always show you a 4/5 match if there is one, sometimes there’s a better 4/5 match, so don’t get in a hurry to follow its lead even in those cases.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I use the Coronet at first place because of his bonus of 2 on all stats, which coupled with the Dark master further strengthens him as well, so I’m loathe to move him as he’s a rock who generally lasts most battles.

I know theirs plenty more cards out there so I’ll keep an eye on all of the Brown mana oriented cards I come across to complement them all.

Onwards and Upwards

The team creation is one of my favourite parts of the game (I’m an alt-aholic gamer so giving me 20 team slots is like a kid in a candy store!)

Thought I would pop back and just threw together a quick team using your two favourite troops from above:

Just an example using only common & rare troops and showing the kind of bonuses that you can fairly quickly pull together in the new system. In this setup we choose blue & brown banner to boost two units on the team and because Griffon Knight has a fairly powerful magic attack that also creates yellow gems (for Knight Coronet)

There are better combinations I’m sure but hopefully you’ve got enough info from these last few posts and examples to create a winning formula of your own :wink:.


Thanks Richy,

I’ve been looking at the Griffon Knight as a possible replacement but wasn’t to sure if I should lose my hero as some of the standard cards seem a lot more useful than him.