Noob needs help with team composition


Hi guys,

I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks now, and I still have a lot to understand. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on my team composition.

I have 3 different types of teams that I have tried. One of them is mostly all Goblin, and each of them have a “gain an extra turn” ability, which has been pretty awesome. However, some of their mana colors overlap so charging them is not efficient. Another team is just all damage. The last team has a couple cards that produce gems on the board. I feel like I get stuck at a certain point and can’t win with any of these teams. Do you have any advice? Do you guys try to group your teams up by type, for example, having an all Goblin team, or having an all Knight team, etc. I know it gives bonuses, but I"m just wondering if this is the way to go.

Another question is, should I max them out with the souls? I have been cautious in crafting because I’m always thinking I’m going to change my troops out.

Any advice at all helps! Btw I just want to say, this is a really cool community, thanks everyone for being so friendly! <3


get tyri. unlock your kingdoms, tyri gets maps which you can abuse early game to boost you till you have all your kingdoms set up. try to cover all colours or use kingdom based teams. Trust your hero.


There are quite a few threads in this forum about team compositions. Just have to search around. Goblins for invades are a good starter point because of their extra turn and non-skull dependant damage generation. It really depends on two things - what troops you have and how you like to play. I’m a big fan of skull generation so my invade teams are based around that for the most part. But I do have a board control team to keep the enemy sitting watching me. As well as a soul farming team to gather souls along with the gold pvp provides. Using a group that covers all six colours so that every move you make gives someone on your team some mana is important too.

Once you find a team comp that you like that is when you start dumping in the souls to level them up. Completing the challenges will give you good souls but most players save them for after they get Celestial Armor which boosts souls max.

As @killerman3333 just posted using Tyri in a team to get maps and doing as many as them as you can will help you boost your resources until your kingdoms are levelled.

Tons of info on this forum. It has helped me at least a dozen times in the 4 1/2 months I’ve been playing.


When I hit a wall I started playing in the arena–that’s the mini game that you access through Broken Spire. You pick from a set pool of cards, different every time, one common, one rare, one ultra-rare. The troops will be level 15 when you play with them & ditto for your opponent.

The teams can end up wonky, but you play on a more or less even playing field and get to try out lots of different cards, which is great when your souls are limited and you don’t know what to spend them on.

Best of all: if you win enough matches in the arena you get lots of souls as a reward. Hundreds of them. Which makes it much easier to level up your troops & play through the quests.

It should be noted, however, that at the moment the arena is kind of broken. There’s a feature/bug that allows players to get huge bonuses on their hero weapons and & an AI player exploiting that bonus will wipe out you team in a spell or two. In which case… too bad, arena run over. (Well, you get two losses.)


I just want to confirm that at the moment, don’t play arena. You will lose your thousand gold quicker than you can blink, and right now gold could be a kingdom level, or even a new kingdom.

If you have a goblin team, you are on the right track.
Yes, they overlap in green, but if you make sure that each has a unique colour as well as green, you’ll do ok.
My goblin team is
Goblin (collects green)
Boar Rider (collects purple, and overflow of green)
Goblin Shaman (collects brown, and makes green)
Hobgoblin (collects red, hits two targets for low damage, which I use as finishers, etc)

Make sure to set the correct banner for your team, I use the completely green one, to give me +2 mana whenever I make green.

If you like this team, try and get the traits on the goblin and the goblin shaman


Eh, yes/no. It only takes 3 wins to make back the 1000 gold that it costs to play the arena (along with 150 souls). 2 wins still nets you 500 gold (half of the entry) and 100 souls.

Arena is INTENSELY frustrating right now, yes, but I still generally get to four wins or six wins.

That being said, yes, leveling kingdoms should be a priority. I read a newbie guide that said: first get five kingdoms to level three; then get three kingdoms to level five. That was a pretty manageable goal & helped me a lot. Tribute really increases the cash flow.

Also: join a guild.

& related to team building–another piece of advice that you hear a lot is to focus on one team early on. Get a whole team to level ten. Get the whole team to level fifteen. It’s painful to spend that many souls & you’re unlikely to be in love with that team forever… but you’re spreading the souls around pretty thinly with three teams to level.


Or if you have the Dragon Armor like I do it only takes 2 wins; going .500 would get you your money back then.


Not a bad setup honestly (pretty much any Goblin Team succeeds in any formation) but I get the best results with;

Goblin Rocket*
Goblin Shaman***
Boar Rider
with the Zhul’Kari banner (+1 Green/Purple)

With Fire Link on Rocket you essentially get 3 Mana bonuses (Green/Red/Purple) and Boar Rider gets plenty of Green/Purple overflow to fill easily. If you need more than 3-5 moves with this Team, you aren’t playing it right. It takes over the game and never gives control back.


Thanks! I have been playing with Tyri. I LOVE playing the treasure maps!


Thank you, I’ll keep searching around on this site. Some of the topics have been hard to follow because there is still a lot I don’t understand, but I will dig around deeper! :slight_smile:

I will try different team compositions and see what I like best, then upgrade. :smiley: I just thought I would wait until I get some better cards before I dump all those souls in


Yeah I have been playing lots of arena and I’ve been doing really well. It seems like there’s a lot of stuff you can do in this game, and it has been so addicting and fun for me lately. :smiley:


How long has the arena been “broken”? I have been playing every day this past week and I can usually get 7-8 wins, and occasionally less than that, whenever they give me bad cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! My goblin team looks exactly like that! I’ve switched one of those out and have my hero in one of the slots. Would you recommend that? What is the hero good for?

Thank you for the banner advice! Totally didn’t have the right one, now I do.


if you are not in a guild mine is always open and it is called valleyofdeath. It is purpose built for noobs.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually have a guild called Cutipatootie, and I feel like we’ve been doing well. Moved from 10,000th place to above 5,000th place in a week haha. You guys probably think I’m a total noob but for me I feel like it’s a great accomplishment! Also, if you’re looking for some entertainment and laughs, I will start streaming my games this week. I streamed it once a few days ago, but anyway it’s at : if you want to check it out!


Yes! I’m in a guild :). I feel like it is so easy to get gold in this game that it’s not a big deal to spend 1000 gold in arena. I’m usually able to make it back anyway.

What exactly does leveling the kingdoms do? I don’t really understand. I thought it was just your home kingdom that would give you those benefits. That’s why I’ve barely leveled my kingdoms. I guess I need to start!

Thank you for the team leveling advice. I need to do that - just invest in my team even if I’m going to change it eventually.


Dragon Armor?? What is that?? Is that what we spend the diamonds on?


increases tribute chance, gives bonuses to troops, increases mastery. Stars increase gold gain,tribute amount, tribute chance and skill bonus.


Okay awesome! I don’t have Goblin Rocket, but I have the others in my team. What is Fire Link?

Does nobody use their hero?


Ah okay thanks. Also, how do you reply like that? With the quoted text


highlight what you want to quote and a button thing will pop up and if you click it it will quote what you highlighted and then you post underneith that reply.