Looking for some help


Hi guys! I am somewhat of a noob(Level 41) and I am just trying to get a good team together. So far my most consistent team has been:

Hero (Goblin Crusher)
Dark Song
Shadow Dragon
Griffon Knight

The only other Legendaries I own are Gloom Leaf and Venoxia. Oh, and I also have that Prismatic Orb, which I haven’t really figured out a good way of using it, lol.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


The orb seems to work best when your team is mostly one mana color, because then you can charge most of the team with one cast. 3x skeletons plus the orb is a very popular combo right now. On the other hand, if not using the orb, a team that uses all mana colors is usually desirable. For a long time I used a team that included Gloomleaf & Shadow Dragon, because the first caused a lot of skull damage and the second finished them off with poison. Unfortunately, that team is not as viable any more because it doesn’t get any team bonuses. Venoxia counts as another dragon, though, so you might consider adding her in.

From what I read in the forums, some are having success w/a multiple rock worm plus orb team.


Venoxia, Shadow Dragon, Prismatic Orb sounds like a start.The only question would be what to fill the team up with. Emperina would be a dragon easily gotten hold of. But she then would leave only Blue mana for the Orb.


What Riversong said plus if you do try the orb option try to deny the enemy mana colour whilst filling the orb if you can. Also, the orb needs to be at the bottom if you go for a triple troop combo like 3x skulls!


Try this:
Shadow dragon,

Sd is a great powerful unit to have in the front for matching skeleton skulls, when/if he dies they skeletons should have a good high attack for killing quickly with skulls after.

This sounds fun I’m going to go try it right now!


That’s pretty cool but don’t forget the Skeletons buff their own attack…


Thanks everyone! I am really liking the 3x Skeletons and the Orb, its pretty fun. I will for sure try out the SD and 2x Skulls now!

Also, I just got a 3rd rockworm so I could try that too.

And I and doing the quest line to unlock Emperina so I can try the triple dragon combo!


Most of all, do not be afraid to experiment.


One issue with the Skeleton teams is they are quite weak to true damage, so Venoxia and Crimson Bat are excellent counters to them. (Mix that with poison damage and they could be stomped fairly quickly.)


Look at that @jainus , solution to a team that requires no nerfing! Put your nerffork (pitchnerf?) Down!


Sadly not that effective a counter… At high levels mine come out with 14 life - that’s 3-4 casts with Crimson Bat, which is gonna take a while… And those buffed attack extra turn extra skulls can do lots of in your face damage before then… Sadly true damage is the least effective of the core meta strategies at the moment, everything just has way too much life…

So often to sharpen my nerf and fork…