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New Player. Looking for team build suggestions and tips!

Hello all, I just started playing this game about a day ago. I have been enjoying myself with it so far, and since I played Puzzle Quest way back in the day a bunch, I went ahead and purchased the Death knight pack to support the devs and to get myself a decent amount of troops to make a few teams. I was hoping to maybe get some team suggestions so I don’t waste resources leveling the wrong troops. Any help with building a couple good teams with what I have which will last me a long while would be greatly appreciated!

https://gowdb.com/collection/72cd8c943b4da8edace66d32b7d79984 is my collection.

Join a good guild that talks. Advance super fast.

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The best advice I can give you is get into a good guild, preferably one that uses discord, that can help you progress.
They can help you with team builds and what you should be focusing on.
You need a guild that will not ask for gold, you need it to open up and level kingdoms.
You can check on these forums or hop into global chat 002 and someone will take you

At this point you don’t have many cards for great synergy, but a couple of your cards like Tigraki Warrior can really punch above their weight class. I’d try:

Your Hero
Tigraki Warrior
Clockwork Sphinx

That team will help you stay alive and learn to manage the board mana-wise (comes in handy, training yourself to see alignments both by converting and removing gems on the board).

Feel free to join The Unforgiven’s public-portion of our discord server. There are a few helpful people to be found there (and people more than willing to recruit you into our starter guild, if you play on Xbox!)

Good luck, have fun :grin:

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Awesome, I will try out that team setup, and I would check out your discord and guild, but I am on mobile/pc.

Appreciate the help though!

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