Need help with making effective team


Hey Guys,

Enjoying the game but my teams are getting old and are struggling. I’m looking for some interesting combinations of themed teams that can win 70-80% of the time with good play. What I currently have isn’t working against the best teams. Looking for any advice of what troops to level up that are multifunctional (offense, defense, can fit on multiple teams). Unmentioned troops and troops that don’t mention level are level 1.

Examples of some themed teams I’ve tried is a Khaziel team with Tyri (she didn’t really fit but couldn’t go 100% Khaz effectively), or a Berserker/Valkrie/Frost Giant team with… something. Can’t remember what else I put in but wasn’t working too well. If it can’t be themed that’s fine too; I just enjoy playing with a team that ‘makes sense’ (if that makes any sense).

Legendary’s I HAVE:
Behemoth (8), Goblin King, Gorgotha (15), Keeper of Souls (15), Moloch, Orion (10), Summer Imp.

Epic’s I DON’T HAVE:
BarBearus, Bul Tauros, Cthxyxx, Dokkalfar, Elf-Eater, Green Seer, Ice Witch, Ragnagord,Swamplash, Tankbot 2000, Terraxis.
Level 15 Epics: Tyri, Rowanne

Ultra Rares I DON’T HAVE:
Goblin Rocket, Hobgoblin
Level 15 Ultra Rares: Berserker, Drake Rider, Druid, Knight Coronet, Treant

Level 15 Rares: Acolyte, Bombadier, Deep Borer, Dwarf Lord, Siren, Valkyrie, Frost Giant

Level 15 Commons: Ghoul, Rock Wyrm

My Hero weapons are lack luster; I don’t have Prismatic Orb or any weapon that’s great imo. Just the last 5 events or so weapons.

I have 4500 souls. I feel I wasted souls on ghoul, I just can’t make it work. Treant is really underwhelming as well, but everything else I’ve leveled up with I’ve had fun with.

So, any suggestions from experienced players out there?


One that worked very effectively for me and a lower level player, and which I found pretty fun: a full-on Zaejin team!
The basic is 3 goblins + a green creator, and the Goblin Shaman is perfect for it (I tried him, Primastic Orb and Celestasia, they all work pretty well, but obviously having the Goblin Shaman grants you the full Zaejin bonus).
You can switch the common goblins with various specialized ones! I mostly used Goblin + Hobgoblin (I know you don’t have it) + Boar Rider, but it also worked with just the 3 commons.
The great thing about that team is that everyone charges super fast, and with a nice green creator, can even play almost non-stop. Plus, Webspinners and Venoxias feed them too.
I also tried a version of it with the Goblin King, but it didn’t feel as efficient. His ability is excellent if your first goblin dies (instant refill!), and he’s perfect against green spammers like Webspinner, but since he eats all the green, it’s also an hindrance for you.
Anyway, that team was super fun for me, I hope it would for you too. :smile:


Yes, if you have the Goblins, I’d recommend it as well.

Otherwise, how many copies of the Rock Worm do you have? I see you also have Acolyte and Deep Borer. You could probably make a more than decent Brown team with that. Ideally, 3 Rock Worms + Aco or 3 Rock Worms + hero with a solid Brown weapon. If you have SoulBlade or Mountain Crusher, you should give it a try.


Hmm, I misread that, I thought the Rock Wyrm and the Acolyte were the ones he didn’t have yet. It does make for a nice combo. :smile:

Also I wanted to add about the Treant that he gets really good if you place him on top AND you have troops or a weapon that buffs life, such as the Summoner, Emperina or Sunweaver for instance. He’ll need the buff since he takes him a little while to get going. And yes, as much as the Ghoul can be useful in Arena, he’s actually quite underwhelming in a classic line-up.


I have 4 of all Rares and commons and usually 2 of each ultra rare.

So 3 basic goblins and goblin shaman?

I’ve used 3 rockwyrm but it was boring pretty quick. Cast and cross your fingers.


Hey @IVIMarkIVI - welcome!

When I first started, I got lucky and pulled a Shadow Dragon and Crimson Bat really early from chests… so added in Lady Sapphira and ran true damage for a long time…

With the cards you have, you could set up a reliable team like:

Hero(green weapon?) + Alchemist + Valkyrie + Banshee

… which is a common plan for looping turns and farming resources. Many better ones out there.

Personally, I love using the legendary cards (others don’t) - so with yours - Gorgotha + Orion + Behemoth + something red and/or purple would be a good start.

Keep experimenting - and have fun!

PS - pedant hat on, sorry! ‘lacklustre’ is spelt as one word - or ‘lackluster’ if you’re American!


Acolyte is still reasonably strong and works well enough with your existing legendary pool. Acolyte + Gorgotha is an excellent base to work from. You could also combo Valkyrie and Behemoth.


The problem is it doesn’t give bonuses. Otherwise Keeper of Souls / Teraxis / Frost Giant / Hero Weapon would do ok


Try Summer imp + alchemist + whatever you want


You can also test out a full Stormheim army, and see how well the bonus works for you.

Frost Giant

This isn’t top tier, but should get you through a lot of PvP.

If you like Giants a lot, then under the Giant Banner:
Frost Giant
Stone Giant

+25 water mastery, +6 life, +3 attack after the bonuses. It gives you a couple board shakes, and some interesting damage options.


As @LegendMaker suggested, use the classic Rock Wyrm team: Rock wyrm, Rock Wyrm, Acolyte, Rock Wyrm. This team was once the hated child (like webspinner is), but still works well.

Or a Blue generator: Treant, Knight Coronet, Valkyrie, Ghoul


Over in the old forum someone posted a team of
Brian the L.

Once the good old Brian loads up everyone with 5 (or in my case 6) magic, things really start rolling.
Gorgotha exploding 14 to 20 gems, Acolyte practically filling the board with brown, feeding all three other troops, and Emperina healing AND giving 10-16 attack and life.
Sometimes I end up with troops having up to 40 attack and 60 life. But it all depends on Brian’s Luck, since it sometimes happens that he deals attack and life all the time. Nice but not what this team is all about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: soon this will be less strong, since Acolyte is looking at being nerfed, that is, creation of brown gems will be fixed and no longer be tied to his magic.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

I can’t deny the power of rockwyrm, but found it boring.

@MrSammy I’ll try that Treant/Knight Coronet/Valkryrie/Ghoul team. I used a similar team, except subbed out the ghoul for something; can’t remember. Classic “farming/board control” team, but this time with a ghoul. Would you place the ghoul 2nd as a backup to treant as he should have a high attack?

@Esoxnepa The giant team looks interesting, but with the big attack bonus, I feel that Cyclops should definitely be in there. I’ve tried a stormheim army, but not with Keghammer. The unused mana on the board was bothering me… but really itching to try a Giant team even though they’re all at level 1 besides berserker.

@Jainus Hero/Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee would be a really strong team. My first main team was Valkyrie/Drake Rider/Berserker/ (random green/Blue such as Rowanne or Druid). The transforms and mana generation was ridiculous. This would play very similarly I believe. Love experimenting, but limited by souls!

@MarvelKit That team looks solid. I’ll level up Brian and Emperina. Even if acolyte gets nerfed, the Deep Borer does very well imo. Doesn’t create as many, but destroys 1/8th of the board before creation so you can really concentrate gem generation.

Thanks everyone! Can’t make my Dwarf team work, so going to try Human or Giant next. Cheers


One problem is that there is no troop that can target any of the enemy’s directly. It has to work top down with skulls, so it usually takes some time. On the other hand when Brian let’s you down while facing some skull-creating legendaries for example, it can be over for you really quick.



I tried that team and when it worked, it was broken and had ridiculous stats. But it felt too gimmicky and too susceptible to bad drops.

The idea was good though, so I have a similar team:

The beserker starts with 23 health without kingdom bonuses and as the game continues he steam rolls. Even if he’s taken out, generally enough damage is done to win. Gorgotha shakes things up and generates mana; same with the Siren with a bit of damage to finish off weakened troops. Empirna is great on Berserker and OK on Gorgotha or herself.

Generally the only time I lose is if Gorgotha or Siren set up multiple 4/5 of a kinds and the enemy goes into infinite loop mode (Jarl, Webspinner, etc).

This feels a lot more solid than the Brian one to me.



The setup is no longer working anyway, since Acolyte now no longer creates gems according to his magic. :smiley: