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Video: Data Says Use Valkyrie or Valkyrie

Hello everyone! Today I go over some data that the developers posted the other day. You can find both of them here:



Can’t wait to see this break down.

Yeah, it will take about a week or 2 before I am done with all of that data, maybe longer. xD

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I mean… most of this game is played by people that need souls. Valkyrie gives souls in great amounts. Of course Valkyrie is going to be used most.

Understandable, but then you run into the soul wall. (when you no longer need souls)

You photoshopped the thumbnail!

Yeah, but how many people have actually hit that wall where they have all their cards maxxed (or enough souls to max all cards) + a bit more for new cards when they come out? I can’t imagine too many. So when you look at why Valkyrie is used so much, that’s exactly why.

I use Photoshop for all my thumbnails. I just don’t always clickbait them like this one. :wink:

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Those like tacet have already to my knowledge hit that wall. It is only one of a few walls you hit when 5 staring a kingdom, and we know from videos tacet has done and some streams and other people’s content that they have all the souls needed.

Yeah the only way I can see this change without screwing over newer players is to change baseline soul gain amount or create troops that give same amount of souls for different teams. Then you’ll at least have 3-4 troops at the top like Valk,lol.

Interestingly, most teams using valk are easily crushed by taking out valkyrie.

Why would it take that long? I thought the thread title alone made it perfectly clear what the data says.

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Theres still a brown generator due on PC; why not have them produce souls at the same rate as Valkyrie?

Or a glory generator :imp:


Going to be breaking down level brackets for future videos. I will also be doing best Valkyrie teams, best Knight Coronet teams, best Infernal King teams, etc.

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Yeah she’s an example of a popular troop not an OP troop. Which imo means she doesn’t need a nerf. Just need to bring out more troops to increase diversity.

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Maybe Dwarven Slayer will actually die gloriously :soon::tm:


How about the best team that does not feauture any troops on the charts?


I’ll do that too. :slight_smile:

Someone mentioned that I should do a “most underrated troops” video. That will be very easy to do now. xD

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Sounds great, I’ll check it out when youre done!

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I’d use a glory generator in a heart beat.