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Team advice for invade

Anyone know a fast invade team with Valkyrie and Alchemist?I know about the Treant-Alchemist-Valkyrie-Banshee team,but its pretty slow(atleast i think it is,maybe im wrong)Im a fairly new player,only level 26,but done more then 100 treasure maps,so i have a lot of resources.

At the moment i am using

Knight Coronet
Griffon Knight
Hero (Knight lvl 20 ) with prismatic orb weapon)

its pretty fast one, but i think you can easily replace the hero with achemist.
The troops are all full traited

Hope this helps.

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I actually have Coronet fully traited,so this can be a good,just need to level Griffon knight,Thank you.

Great Maw
Infernal King

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Thanks,but i need Valkyrie in it too.Pretty much forced to use her,because i need more than 1 million soul.

Try this:

Anointed One/Terraxis/Alch/Valk

Terra blocks Valk at first, but you should be able to fill her enough times with Alch and The One.

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I ran The Anointed one, Alchemist, Banshee, Valkyrie with a +2 red banner for a long time and with much success.
All you need on Anointed one is his Fast trait, Frenzy can be left alone. One red match will fill the Anointed one, he fills Alchemist, Alchemist fills Banshee, Valkyrie sets up for Banshee and fills Anointed…
The team is rather squishy, but much faster than the Treant variation.
Also, with Valkyrie/Alchemist/Banshee core, you can try using anything with red, yellow or blue mana. Jarl, Great Maw, Moloch, Knight Coronet, Khorvash, Behemoth, whatever you have. Try it out and see for yourself. Cheers! :grinning:

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Thank you everyone for the help,a lot of good teams that i can try,this thread can be closed now.Just need to get them souls to level the troops.

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