What is the best gold farming/soul farming team?

As the subject says. Probably there is a few, but since I am new I am just curious.

Isn’t that covered here?

Yes, sir! Topic can be closed.

If your starting out you probably don’t have access to many of the epics of legendaries yet. So I would start out with the time old classic:

Hero - Eternal Flame

This setup is slow but methodical…once you get the gem transmutings underway you can chain a bunch of turns in a row. Basically Alchemist feeds the Valkyrie which then can provide a lot of blue gems for Banshee’s ability which then feeds Alchemist and Valkyrie. Rinse, lather, repeat. If you don’t have Eternal Flame weapon just substitute anything that uses blue, green or both to cover your mana spread.

A short to mid term goal would be to unlock Necromancy on the Valkyrie. It doesn’t raise the soul cap but the battles do go quicker.

Another setup uses:

Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

If you don’t have the Slime, Giant Spider would be a good substitute. No Kos? Substitute Skeleton or another troop that uses purple, Banshee would be good.

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I use Boar Rider - Alchemist - Valkyrie - Sunweaver.

Boar Rider moves things along with direct damage, board modification, and a free turn.
Sunweaver’s buff lets you win in higher difficulties which give +% souls and gold, and her +6 mana helps you get looping again.

Sunweaver is an Epic which means she can be gotten from a quest chain (as well as from chests).

Very nice, its also a team that most of us can run. On the other hand, is this a team that also can have a good winning chance in PVP?

Not sure which of several teams mentioned above you’re referring to, @eika86.

The one I mentioned is my pvp go-to. I play on Warlord I and win 99%. Three of the troops are able to create or chain into 4/5 matches so you have to get good at seeing those opportunities.

Doesn’t work at all on defense though because the AI plays Valk and Alch very poorly.

Wish I have a Slime or Venoxia. Missed out last event to buy slime cos just started not enough Glory! T_T Relying on Alchemist for golds

Was referring to you, pal. Thanks for the reply tho!

Update: I’ve replaced Boar Rider with Skeleton on my gold/soul team. Skull-based damage has far outpaced spell-based damage, and it’s more urgent now that the first enemy troop die fast so their team doesn’t get out of control.

All you need is one purple match-3 and Sunweaver can supply the remaining 6 mana.

I tried Venoxia in front for a while and found her better than Boar Rider too, despite being more random. She usually gives an extra turn, directly powers Sunweaver, and makes a much better board modification for your transformers than Boar Rider does. However she just doesn’t provide the early attack that you need these days.