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I'm trying to find good pvp teams to use

I’m trying to find good pvp teams to use but not having much success. I’m Lvl 55 and very lost I’m not real sure what troops to use my record for pvp which isn’t great at all is 92 games 26 victories. Can u guys help ty

Usual beginner team is goblin since the card are easy to get and all together they make a good team

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Thank you both

Can you tell us a bit more about what troops you have, what you have levelled up and how you’re constructing your teams?

In general, you want to find a lineup that gives you some kind of advantage. That could be from a specific troop-type or kingdom bonus (goblin teams benefit from both of these), or some kind of synergy between troops. For synergy, you can try combining a gem transformer like alchemist or valkyrie with a damage dealing troop that uses the mana color that the transformer creates (Knight Coronet works with both of those). A team of color transformers (treant, banshee, valkyrie, alchemist) allows you to keep getting extra turns with one card feeding the next. These are some general ideas, but keep asking questions here and we can help you more.