Looking for Valkyrie teams able to complete Warlord 3 challenges


I’m trying to find a team in which I can include Valkyrie to complete most challenges at warlord 3.
Ideally I’d like something I can use for PvP as well but understand this is probably a long-shot.

Firstly to give you an idea of my collection I only have the following legendaries:
Goblin King

I also see this as an opportunity to use a team that does not use my hero so i can earn all the class weapons without having to level up classes.

So I tried the meta druid, alchemist, valyrie, druid. This works OK but not great once I get to the 5th version of each challenge due to the enemies high HP.
This is probably my error in how I run the team, but I find this team boring to use due to spending most turns manipulating the board and so would prefer an alternative.

A team based around a gem-exploder such as Carnex, valkyrie, sparkgrinder, giant spider are much more fun but frankly valkyrie and giant spider have been shoe-horned in there!

So… Can you suggest a team?



There isn’t a single team I can think of using any of those legends and Valkyrie.

Knight Coronet spam might help you along. Something like Coro/Valk/Alchemist/Goblin King to summon in case your Coronet dies?


I dont know what lvl u are but in the early days i use a team that consists out of:

Grave Knight(later on i swapped this out for keeper of souls)

It is nice to have soothsayer with 3 trait. I usualy try to get valk full wich fills the sunweaver wich u can use to buff the grave knight and fill his mana and keep him alive. His Skill destorys complete enemy armor plus some damage so it can take a while but at the end of the battle u have +30 attack which make it easy to kill the enemy.

And a simmilar team u can use:


the general idea is the buff the armor of rowanne to 50 and use it a minimum of 2 times and you probaly have won the match.


i’m currently running

giant spider
Keeper of souls

not the fastest but run smoothly


Have you tried using Luther up top? Maybe druid too; neither are difficult to get


How about Treeant alchemist Valkyrie banshee? Focus on charging alchemist first and then they all play nicely together, with alc filling valk, valk filling banshee, and banshee back to alc again. Treeant is there to pick up cascades and fire when the board is stuck or his health is low


I still enjoy my herdmaster/soothsayer/valkyrie/druid combo


tried some but i mostly need a tank while valk charge spider and spider charge keeper,
moreover double necromancy. if i end matches too soon souls won’t be filled al max, and with the chains i rarely give turns to enemy


Valk is pretty easy to fill, especially if you use a double yellow or red kingdom banner.

Luther/Valk/KoS/Celestasia was my team for a long time


Pairing up valk/rowanne/and sunweaver is a very deadly combination. Rowanne and sunweaver you get from completing quests line in their corresponding kingdoms so they are easy to obtain.
4th troop is not of a high relevance pick something purple/brown to have all 6 colors and put it on top to tank. That team will deal with any team you meet in challenge.


Think your best bet for farming WL3 would be a Rowanne deck.


That’s surely good but i think is slow.
you pass turns to buff with SW, then pass turn to attack with Rowanne (if not a killer blow for all enemy squad). surely a tankl is needed on top, however i prefer more chaining team


I do Warlord 4 all the time with:


If you have Mercy fully-traited not only is it effective, it’s fast. She charges Valk, Valk charges Templar, Templar buffs Rowanne’s armor and fills her if needed. Boom.


With that team just won Explore in Maugrim Woods, Warlord 4 difficulty, in 3 turns. Didn’t lose a single troop.


Seconded (though my order is usually a bit different, putting valk up a bit higher in case templar drops).

I also used to use:


Yellow/Blue banner. Works best with empowered Mercy, link on Valk, and Treant fully traited. Valk/Mercy cycle nicely while filling the team. If you happen to get blue/brown lined up for an extra turn, you can fire terraxsis, then eat all the browns with treant. If you pay attention there, you can get another extra turn there, as well. From there its usually just cleanup with skulls, of which there are a ton on board by that point.

My speed clear team was Valk/Valk/Row/Mercy, but this works best when you can clear the team with two Rowanne casts. Still decent depending on how many skull hits your valks can take.


Yeah, Valk can really go anywhere in that lineup because there’s no mana overlap between her and the others. Best order is probably Templar / Valk / Row / Mercy.


By the way, i’m trying out the Valk / Valk / Row / Mercy lineup and I’m not finding it to be any faster. Any tips?


A few variatons on the Templar / Valk / Rowanne team I’ve used in the past:

  • Hero with purple weapon (split-damage staff, or book that destroys row & column, or burning scythe)
  • Rowanne
  • Paladin
  • Templar

  • Tyri
  • Valkyrie
  • Rowanne
  • Alastair

  • Alastair
  • Valkyrie
  • Rowanne
  • Templar

I like the sunweaver team as well.


Valk sunweaver mercy mab


I love my Rowanne team for challenges. Although I typically farm hard mode because it’s faster.

My particular teams are:

  1. Templar
    Rowanne (or mercy)

  2. Alternative to Templar with a healer/cleanses
    The devoted

  3. Fast Hard mode farming

  4. PvP with one Legendary team - advanced
    Gorgotha *this is a legendary, but if you get it this team works nicely for PvP
    Golden cog

P.S. I would Only use mercy if you have her fully traited. Otherwise replace her with someone who gives armor or utilizes armor (like paladin, Templar). If you have the golden cog or the prismatic orb weapons you could use your hero as a replacement (there might be other weapons that give armor, those were the ones at the top of my head)

Anyways those are just Rowanne teams I use and like a lot that do not require any legendaries.