So many options, so few souls

So I’m level 112, not stupid high but high enough I’ve got some legendaries. I’ve been saving souls for awhile but I’m not quite sure what to invest my souls into, I’ve found one team that works really well for me (hydra, soothsayer, sorcerer hero with sun and moon, and wight) but now I’ve got all of them pretty high (15-20) I want to start to invest in a new team. I don’t have a ton of souls so I want to invest wisely. I figured the collective inter webs could help me narrow down who I want to work on. I like interesting teams, but Idk, goblins or Knights seem a bit gimmicky to me, but then I still lose to those teams sometimes so I can’t hate much. I was thinking maybe entangle with the new imp or maybe just elemental team in general, the imps are so cool (god I wish I had summer imp). I also would love to use buninog, but haven’t found a good place for him with my other cards

I have all greens, blues (except land shark) and purples (except bull taurous, faunessa, tnakbot and green seer), as for legs I have: buninog, garnok, hydra, imp of love, infernal King, keeper of souls, moloch, sheggra, spring imp, the silent one, and the winter imp

Hit me with your 1 most fun team, 2 your best team (subjective of course but your most reliably powerful) and 3 the most interesting concept team you think would actually work (could be the same as 1 could be different, just fishing for new ideas)

Infernal King + Sheggra is a powerful combo that isn’t reliant on traits - or levels for that matter. Mercy goes with that very well but she is much better fully traited. Last slot is open to personal preference.

At your level I recommend leveling up Valkyrie and making a deck that uses her. She will help immensely with getting more souls!

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Exactly what mackineknight told you :slight_smile:
With valk you will earn 50+ souls each battle, which will, to some extent, solve your soul problem. Also focus on the troops you can trait, because traits can really make a difference.

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What this dude said :slight_smile:

Late game problems: too many souls, but no options left.

just got there on console… well 32 to ascend… but nothin to do with souls til then…

as some people mentioned - use a team with soul bonus…

my suggestion:
keeper of souls
giant spider
with +2 yellow banner


  1. Most fun team = One that wins.
  2. Best team = One that wins quickly.
  3. Most interesting concept team = One that gets you lots of Souls and includes Rakshanin for Bonus Glory week that ends tomorrow night.

My team (RakRibs), which may not be of use is:

Valkyrie, Green Seer, Keeper of Souls, Rakshanin

At the end of the day just choose what you like. This game is like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Team A beats Team B that beats Team C which beats Team A.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

An option probably not available to you as a new player (because of Cresendo being an event weapon and the 16 arcane traitstones used to get the trait and VIP bonuses)

The Nectomancer’s class legendary trait “Ensoul” grants you 1 soul every time you make a 4 of a kind or better, VIP 9 gives a 100% bonus to souls and Death Knight Armor ($49.99) in the shop provides 100% bonus to souls (in addition to gold and EXP)
For a 300% bonus to souls. Every time you make a 4 of a kind or better you will bank 3 souls up to the level cap.

I use
Alchemist (2 traits)(I subbed in kitty for the event)
Green Seer (Traitless)
Hero Cresendo (Necromancer Class)(3 Traits)
Giant Spider (2 traits)

A couple hours ago (when I unlocked the class trait)
I put it to work for 10 minuets and played 7 PVP matches in that time, took in 21 glory, 19k gold, and 450+ souls, if this were an option for you you should use it cause I don’t think there’s a better way to grind for resources simultaneously (I also got 7 traitstones but nothing of note)

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