Team Building Ideas PVP?

I need help building a PVP team. I’m currently level 289 and I’m one card short of most good teams that I know of. These are all my Mythic/Legendary/Epic cards. Any help would really be appreciated. I keep building new teams with no luck

Jotnar Stormshield

Krystenax, Kerberos, Sheggra, Garuda, Psion, Tesla, Sylvanimora, Queen Ysabelle, Moloch

Rowanne, Green Slime, Lady Anariel, Lady Sapphira, Keghammer, Emperina, Morthanis Will, Avina, Valor, Tau, Barbearius, Ice Golem, Lady Ironbeard, Scarlett, Princess Elspeth, Ferit, Wild Fang, Sunweaver, Lil Johnny Bronze, Marid, Pride Guard, Tal’Rae, Tyri, Dokkalfar, Ranagord, Atlanta, Dragon Cruncher, Alastair, Hellcat, Aziris, Couatl, Visk, Dimetraxia, Ifrit, Sea Troll, Herald of Chaos, Anointed One, Luther, Finley, Gob-Chomper, Sir Snothelm, Brian the Lucky, Sparkgrinder

Kerberos is really strong this week so i suggess you to build something around him

I was thinking that as well, but I’m looking for a more permanent team that doesn’t require Event boosts. I did that last week and gained about 80 levels trying to trait troops that I no longer can use.

Do you see lot of valkyri justice mab team?

I do, but I dont have a Mab yet…

Trying to figure something, bro you really need a gorgo or dragon soul it will simplify you the things :slight_smile:

You’re telling me man… I’ve been dreaming of getting one of those. Getting pretty frustrated opening chest after chest.


But again this week bonus is crazy with the beast so 1/2 chance to be devored

Anything need to be traited? Well I appreciate the help man. I’ll give it a go. I needed to level Krystanex anyways. I wish I didn’t blow through all my souls making a bunch of crap teams lol

Oh ok sorry nothing traited? Ok will need to check again

Haven’t really used a dragon team yet at all because of the lack of TDS. So unfortunately no traits on those troops. Also, what banner?

Alright so ranagord got at least second trait?

Okay no problem… What banner? Sorry I edited my last post lol. And thanks again man, I’ve actually read a lot of your other posts keep up the good work.

Thank you, your keberos is full traited?

No, I haven’t used any of these troops yet to be honest. I was always one card short for teams that I knew used these cards.

I feel that pain. I have TDS but I’m spoiled with already. I want Gorgotha. But for some reason the GoW gods won’t bless me.

I assume goblin banner?

Yea GoW has been giving a lot of duplicates. I really want a Gorgotha, Crimson Bat or TDS. With any of those I could put together an amazing team. I’m going to try out what Rickygervais recommended.

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Orc banner but this team wont work without some traits and it will be too expensive i trying to figure something else, @Shiratori @Strat @Stan you guys are free to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust me nothings to expensive with some solid trait stone farming lmao.

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