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Finally a mythic

Level 211 and never found Mytic today with the new rewards i got 3 VIP keys and boem… Scorpius

Thc God


Congrats brudda!

Enjoy, i was baffled when i checked my email today i was groggy from just waking up and i tought i read you got Scorpius. And where only 3 tasty vip keys. Glad that it was real for you.

Congrats! The first mythic is a special one for sure…

Mine was WAR… :thinking:


What IS it good for?


Lol @efh313 i think the response “absolutely nothing” ia applicable here

My first was famine😎

Edit: i fixed the title for spelling… I apologize but my OCD was hurting lol


I love war.


Congrats!! I’m level 1038 and my only base mythic is aby.

Ouch. Myself I got Plague first around level 700 and as much as I wanted Famine at the time I learned to make him awesome for my play style. Then I got my second which was War… okay not a good one but thanks I guess. Then I got another Mythic… also War. Then another Mythic… a 3rd War :grimacing:

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Who’s worth crafting first of them all, in your opinion? Been saving for pharos but getting sick of waiting.

I’m returning to the game after a 6 month hiatus. I hesitate to say anything on your question because others could give you much better advice!!!

Gard’s Avatar is a troop upon which you can build the ROCK. The team that is fast, never looses, and seems uniquely tailored to deal with most meta teams, not all, but most.

I suggest extreme caution when considering this team. It is a blessing and a curse…

But if you have the resources and Gard is available, then you can build

Gard’s Avatar

The first slot can be almost any troop, and I switch it up to give myself variety and to run 3 troops, on yellow, red, and brown days for GW. But the standard formation is with a MERCY up top to get the ball rolling. Common mistake with this deck is people trying to loop Alch and HC until GA is able to one shot the AI team. This takes too long. Faster is to fill GA cast and fill again. Two casts will generally suffice to team wipe.

Good Luck!


Thanx for the input, appreciate it!! Such limited resources i’m really struggling over which one to decide on.

Honestly my advice to you then, is pick the one you think you’ll enjoy playing the most. Really :slight_smile:


Aby is really useful in GW, so if you’re only going to have one, that isn’t a bad one to have.

My vote would be for Pharos if you are interested in soul-farming or Gard’s Avatar for general utility. I saved up for Famine but now that I have him, I don’t really use him. Kind of an anti-climax for me.

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I would also suggest pharos… His soul gathering ability is incredibly helpful


Stan makes a good suggestion and a valuable point about Famine.

With no other information about your preferences, I might be inlined to go with Vangor’s suggestion because Pharos can be used to Transform, deprive, farm, one-shot, etc. It’s a great Troop at any level of player progression.


It would be even better if RNGesus would grace us with the opportunity to actually craft the S of a B!!!



Patience young padawan…

My mom had a limerick she would recite in these situations:

Patience is a virtue, get it if you can
Found seldom in a woman, and never in a man…


That’s why i was leaning towards pharos, figure once i trait him he can help farm souls to craft others. I know if i craft a different one he’ll be in the forge as soon as i do. And if i craft him i’ll probably drop another one in chests just like with tds lol that wouldn’t be a bad thing though


No multiple pharos is gangsta