Gems not counting

Jesus Christ you think it wouldn’t be hard to make a computer program add correctly and yet I’ve counted 15 times this afternoon alone that gems I matched did not get counted. It’s happening with gems and skulls…if you can’t master basic programming functions in your game please let me know so I can just stop playing right freaking now.

Do a few matches and record it, please. Then maybe something is done with this problem that I have never experienced myself.


No…it’s damn well a known issue and I’m not going to do your work for you.

What exactly do you mean? You are the one that is having this problem, so naturally you should record it yourself? lol


I mean…I have read numerous posts in forums about this problem…so it’s a known problem . What exactly do you think seeing a video is going to do? Countless players have already done this and its been going on for months now. I’m not wasting my time helping you trouble shoot a problem that you guys have done and will continue to do nothing about. Don’t blame me for not wanting to spend my time this way lol.

As always …my choices are to suck it up or quit playing. So par for the course for app games.
It’s just very amusing to me that a computer program is somehow failing at math lol.

I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe okay?

@Eika is not a dev.

And yes, it has been reported but they claimed they could not reproduce it - the actual devs - and as far as I know it has never been captured on video.

Though it has happened to me as well but I never caught it - so if you could because it happens so much, that would help immensely.

Of course you don’t have to - but opening yet another thread about it without visual proof won’t change a thing. Not that having proof would be a guarantee or anything…

Not a dev either, BTW. :wink:


Appreciate it my friend…not mad…a little frustrated perhaps. There is a small chance it’s a bug due to older android o/s…I have three devices and I definitely saw it on the two older tablets…not entirely sure it’s happening in my current phone with latest o/s. Ty

As many times as video has been asked nobody posts them to demonstrate the issue while it is commonly complained about if it cannot be captured and Devs have issues replicating it it prevents much from being done to pinpoint the cause of the issue or demonstrate it in action to give Devs clues on finding and fixing it. Please remember the players helping on this forum are other players and are attempting to be helpful even if because of your frustration you have a hard time seeing that. It could be related to game speed on different OS or devices or some other mechanic being overlooked. It is only able to be guessed at without supporting evidence.


So just watched zuul fail to kill a giant spider twice with his kill skill…it was the only troop team had left. Add that to the numerous non registered gem matching and skulls damage not always adding correctly. It’s a lovely but quite screwed up game we have here. And before you ask for video and blah blah blah…just no.
You have people cheating in this game…plain and simple. I don’t know how but I do know it’s possible and it appears it’s happening here.

Yours truly
In sadistic addiction

Yeah that is a known bug that is more recent related to these bugs. That is not players cheating it is a bug in the code likely caused by the bug that fixed the gnomes and valravens not giving rewards / sigils when they used to get transformed ie toad / lycanthropy transformations etc.

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Wow…another GW with a game that can’t seem to even add properly…I know you guys aren’t the devs but OMG they need to get their ever loving shit together . I don’t know how you can fix GW…delay it…and then bring back a messed up GW. Points are not being added correctly. And no…I will not help you diagnose this issue. Go fix your game.

Well I do not blame you for being frustrated but simply being mad at the issue existing will do little to ensure they fix it. Screenshots and video will always remain the most productive way to help ensure a problem gets fixed or so you can receive help from other players. If people can see what is going on they can possibly help pinpoint what the exact issue is. If there is an issue you want to see fixed in the world wanting it fixed does little compared to being part of the solution.
It doesn’t hurt the devs to not get your assistance in this they still get their money people still pay for things in the game even if at times that drops it is we the players who have to deal with these issues when they occur that have to suffer them. The more we can do to help ourselves the better is how I tend to see it.

Your defence bonus bug is back. Nice going.

Your defence bonus bug is back.

Yeah again not my defence bonus it is the devs lol

You can scroll all the way down to the reply button of the thread. That adds a general reply and not one that tags a player.

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I keep hoping that one day it happens on a stream or preview video. It’s such a rare bug for me that it’s impossible to hunt for it.

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