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Bug in gem matches

Android…o s. 9.0 game version 5.7

No screenshot because It would need a video to demonstrate it
I am matching gems and they either are not adding or they don’t add enough…ex.match3 counts 2
This happens every fight usually once or twice per battle

It happens every fight and has been going on for weeks now
This is not a one off bug …it happens every fight almost

There are no steps to make it happen besides just fighting…it’s really annoying…there is no good reason that a computer program fails to add properly or at all. Computers are just fancy calculators and should not make math mistakes

It’s your team banner that’s deducting the mana.

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And when it just doesn’t add mana at all? That’s not the banner.

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That’s an age old graphical issue. The mana is counted in nano seconds and then the animation processes afterwards making it appear like no mana has been counted.

If you record it when you think it happens you’ll see what I mean when you slow it down. Otherwise, your recording will be proof that I’m wrong.

Either way the devs won’t be able to reproduce it. But I understand if you’d rather take their word for it than my own.

Ok that sounds logical but it still leaves me without the mana I just matched for many turns until I make another match…being just a game it’s not really worth the time to try to video it but it is happening and graphics issues aside it still isn’t raising the mana count …I have watched this happen extensively and it’s just lost mana. I do appreciate your support and timely response. .uch appreciation for the often thankless work you devs do. Ha e a good one bad thanks again.

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Are you mana blocked?

For instance: if you have two troops that use blue mana, a 3 match will only put 3 mana into the top troop who uses blue, not all your blue troops.

Aside from that, I have no idea how you could be not receiving the mana as-matched.

Not mana blocked…I had a minogar troop in front followed by rage reaver…mini red/green…rage blue/brown…its the hero’s that it seems to happen too in my experience. But I have seen it happen in troops also…it’s happened to shabanu troop on. Different team. I will continue to diagnose and experiment and if I have something more difinitive I can reply again. Btw. The mana being one less was definitely the banner ty on that one.

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Hey man. I think we have this issue resolved but I noticed that In the kingdom path event(journey guild event) the mileage score seems wrong. I have mythic troop that gives 3x miles earned but when I finish a fight in 8 rounds with no deaths and what should be 3x Miles, a 25 mile fight should give 75 but is only giving 65…I read that -10 is the biggest penalty one can have and it seems like it’s just taking it off the max mileage penalty regardles of whether you earned that penalty or not…on a 75 Mile fight it seemed to only give 195. That happened twice. Hey thanks again for all your help and correspondence. Thanks gang…have a good one.

Without a screenshot it’s difficult to help you with the specific issue, but here’s an article that includes a section about how the scoring is supposed to work.

What it sounds like is you’re reaching the maximum penalty, probably because the devs flub (constantly) what a “turn” is.

It’s supposed to be all player actions + all enemy actions = 1 turn

What seems to actually happen is every action taken (every spell cast, match made, etc…) counts against the turn, making it basically impossible after a short while not to incur the maximum penalty.

Since I have little doubt it’s affecting nearly (if not) everyone, this will either be a priority to be fixed (if there is enough outcry), or it will be ignored because it doesn’t harm any respective player more than the other.

So :crossed_fingers: in the latter case that they adjust the points required for unlocking the rewards down a bit, since no one will be able to actually achieve what the “max possible” should be if things were “working as intended (or should I say, as communicated)”

I did put in a bug report about that earlier also, because the wording in the article is very misleading about a turn. But it is for sure counting moves, not turns.

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That explains it all perfectly my friend…lol a bit easier than last issue.

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Just FYI…wild plains kingdom bonus not working. No other bonuses other than medals …I have wild plains as home kingdom and all wild plains troops. Happy holidays.

Sorry to bother you again but the event medals are also not adding bonuses to attacks.

You need to use several unique troops, including the same one three times just counts as one.

They don’t increase attack, they increase the damage done with skulls.

Ahhh ok…I see where event medal says for skulls not skills although they normally apply to skills as well as it did just last week. My Tauros team has always earned the bonus before last week for kingdom or so I thought…also i see where it says unique troops for bonuses. Did that change recently? Hey thanks for the assist. :slight_smile:

To add - Ferocity is not a Wild Plains troop, it’s one of the guardian troops.

And event medals have never increased skills. So far three options exist - increase either skull damage, spell damage or both.

My bad I meant spells lol…I see where the ferocity says construct. Thanks again…it matters to me to fully understand how things work in game as it makes for a better experience and more capable gamer. I really appreciate that you clarify things for us. I will not be that player that you want to strangle lol. I mean you may want to strangle me but not because I was rude lol. Sincere thanks.

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I wasn’t the one who answered but I can say that there will always be someone on the forums willing to help others to understand the game.

It’s really quite a lot to take in.

Feel free to ask. If I see anything and know the answer, I’ll definitely help as well.


I have to say that compared to other games you guys are on it. Kudos

Good morning miracle workers! Hey I realize that I have been back channeling you guys from my original bug issue and I thank you for continuing to respond and I promise not to abuse this. That being said…do you have any guidance on when the campaign bugg may be addressed? We haven’t been able to max out campaign last week and this week due to only being able to finish 59/60 on bronze tasks. Some people are worried that they will lose guild war over 2 little magic points lol. We are not a top guild…not an issue I say. Just wanted to see if you had anything I could tell my guildies. Cheers!