Bug in gem matches

They said they would fix it this week but that dont mean it will happen. Devs dont value their word

Like Sinny said, the devs said they’ll fix it this week but we heard nothing so far. Everyone is as clueless as you are.

We can only wait…

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’d also tack on that no one has their magic stats, so Guild Wars shouldn’t be the concern. Everyone will have whatever stat-parity they would have had without the bug.

What people should be concerned about is whether they will get what they paid for by the end of the Campaign — the new mythic, the Power Orb, etc… (especially considering many would argue people already aren’t getting what they paid for, because elite+ Pass people aren’t getting their extra stats, pass people aren’t getting their weapons, and this affects unequally, as it forecloses options in events like Wars that would have otherwise been allowed and that people, presumably, spent their money to have)

I can imagine their displeasure at not getting what they paid for lol. I’m a grinder so I think I spent $10 one time when I started playing but I don’t spend on games…I love the grind.

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Good day all! So I just beat a guy in pvp with three curse gnomes and they dropped zero shards for forge…it says they should drop for gnomes in pvp…it doesn’t distinguish between gnomes that drop in and a dude who puts them on his PvP team.,…this happened just now. 1:34 eastern u.s. time. Did I just get robbed ? Lol. Thanks for your time guys.

No, not robbed, just poorly communicated (as with many things in this game)

A gnome is only a “gnome” as far as the game is concerned if it has the little money-sack icon attached. I think that also means they have to have “crashed in” to the battle, but I’m not sure that’s always the case these days (thanks to Gnome-a-Palooza)

Ahhhh like the difference between a turn and a move that we recently had in the miles event. Ty as always my friend…I figured as much and will be looking for the money bag symbol. Merry Christmas gang!

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Okay…the leader in the fire and magic event(leaderboard leader)…has fought 930 battles and has 357,367 points…that’s average of 383 points per battle …that’s a load of horse dung lol…is that even possible to achieve? It seems like there is some serious cheating going on…that point total makes no sense unless the points you get per battle increase really dramatically later on. What are your guys thoughts on this? Happy new year btw tyty so much for being there for us.a

930 battles means 186 tihamatas… so… the last victory over tihamata scores 186x20=3720 pts.
Total points from tihamata :
20 x Sum(1…186) = 20x17391 = 347820

I was following until the last part of the math…where does the 17k point multiplier come from? It says 20 x sum what is the sum. Is it the 3720 points? What is the math that happens inside the parentheses? I’m just trying to understand how the math works…it helps me understand game and play better?

1+2+3+4+…+186 = (186^2 + 186)/2 = 17391
x20 (each tihamata is 20 pts)

Okay…that makes more sense lol…that’s how the number gets so big…I really appreciate your help with understanding the math…things in the game that don’t make sense that people complain about all the time …make way more sense when I can see the math…most of the people complaining tend to not understand that lol…happy new years


Hey not to bother you guys but there is a serious serious problem with matched gems not being counted…today I made a four match and only got four gems not the six I should have gotten from my banner bonus…fyi it was my very first move of the match…no debuffs or anything…also I have noticed the miscount starting to happen far more frequently…from once or twice a day to once or twice every fight or so. Crazy days lol…just wanted to mention that…hope your new years are good my friends…stay healthy and thanks again for your work.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all you guys do…guild wars was perfect…nice fix

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This is just a test