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No mana from gem matches

So… it was happening every now and then - I’d match gems, but get no mana from the match. It was a rare occurrence.

Lately, though, this seems to be more of a norm, rather than an exception. I got this 3 times in a single battle today!
Some of my guildies also mentioned they noticed this is happening more often.

Anybody else noticed this? What is going on?!?!?!?!

Yes! This happened to me a couple of times just yesterday. Will have to work on documenting it, have no concrete proof…

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If you get a video of it you will notice that it calculates the mana before you even look up.


Quoting again to drive home the point. I also thought I was missing mana until I started paying attention to a different part of the screen. I wonder if it has something to do with animation speed, and shunting different tasks (graphical vs mechanical) to different threads, which finish out-of-order from how we would expect them to.

I don’t know, though. I mean you could be 100% correct. Perhaps I’m not understanding completely.

In my experience, what will happen is I’m playing a team with say 1 brown troop. No traits or other effects happening to nerf mana. I will match brown and my single brown troop remains empty. This has happened for a long long LONG time. However, it’s not frequent and rarely is a huge deal, so I just say whatever and move on down the road. Things happen.

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That is different from what I am describing. In your scenario a video would be hugely helpful.

Unfortunately, I would have to take a video of every battle I do, to hope to catch it. As I said it’s pretty infrequent so I’m pretty zen about it. I just wanted to weigh in and say it really does happen. Not a game breaker, IMHO. When it happens, I just stare at the 0/12 for a second or two, think “huh?!” and just continue along. Lol.

@Tresk Well, I was in the same boat - until recently, when I noticed it happening way more often. As I said, 3 times in a single battle is a big deal. Especially given that it’s happening in multiple battles…

@Earnham @Grundulum how is that relevant? I start with 0 mana, I match gems of that color, I have 0 mana. It’s not important when the calculation is done. Point being, the game does not award mana when it should!

This has come up a few times, the animation speeds mess with the mana counter on the troop it’s collecting for but it is collected. It says zero sometimes through your following turn but if you collect again it often corrects itself and fills properly. It’s just a display error like when you kill a troop by destroying skulls from a cast but their icon doesn’t go away and it shows them with whatever health they had before taking damage and it corrects itself on turn resolve or during the following turn and any skull matches go to the actually living troop below. At least that’s what I recall the last time it came up with video evidence. Xbox records the 30 seconds before you press record so some console players grabbed the video and uploaded it. You should be able to find it if you search the forums, this was a long time ago. Pretty sure you can correct the visual bug by playing on 1x but since nobody will ever, ever do that it’s just a visual bug we all put up with.


@EraserParticles Really? And how about the cases when I only need 1-3 mana to cast, I match the gems, and after I still can not cast? Is that still a visual bug?

Make a video and there will be no more arguments.

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Haha I almost did that today, because it happened two battles in a row. So I thought, maybe I’ll get video of some more battles and hope to catch it. Then I remembered two things…

  1. “A watched pot, never boils.” In my normal experience, this is something that happens but not often. I think the visual glitch, which is also a thing, complicates matters. But the times where it’s not a visual glitch, it’s not a repeatable bug, because I don’t know what causes it. Anyway, I figure the odds of magically doing the “Thing” that makes some rare thing happen, while I’m making a video, was about zero. :eyes:

2). Even when it happens, I don’t really care. Honestly. It almost never makes me lose, and when it does? I don’t get upset about it. The only reason I’m in this thread, is because it does happen. I’m not sure why it’s a crisis, but it does happen.

Today… one purple mana card on my team. (10 to fill). Nothing funky with my banner, no mana tricks on the enemy. Match 4 purple… zero. No biggie, probably the visual glitch. Match 3 purple, shows 3/10. No biggie maybe I really have 7/10. Match 3 again… still not full. Still won, so still don’t think it’s a crisis, but still a thing, though

I watch water boil all the time. Usually to keep warm.