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No mana from matching gems

**Platform, device version and operating system

**Screenshot or image
Don’t have one

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Happens often that I match gems and don’t gain any mana…

**How often does this happen? When did it begin happening
Happens atleast twice per battle either in pvp, explore or any battle.

Steps to make it happen again
_Do you know how to make this happen?
Every time I battle, it happens


Come on, that could have been phrased a bit kinder with more details to check, especially if this is a new player not knowing what to look out for. :wink:

Things to check (more geared towards new players):

  • Mana color is actually needed for a troop in the team
  • Troops with that color are not silenced
  • Troops with that color aren’t ready to cast
  • Troop isn’t color-blocked by another troop you might not watch
  • Is really NO mana gained or only a little? Do you play with Mana numbers on? If not, try turning them on to check! A banner penalty color or simply not gaining any bonus surge when you’re used to getting them most of the time can, on troops needing a ton of Mana, look like no Mana is gotten if the numbers aren’t on to make sure.

I can attest that it does happen. Probably not that often (I would say more like 1-2 matches in every 10 battles) but yes, there is possibility that mana won’t get added after matching gems. And believe me I know how to play. I wanted to report that for a long time but I always figured I should have that actually recorded before I try because I will get such responses. I don’t usually record my battles so I kind of… procrastinated.


I believe in brevity, and I hate typing on my mobile. But for an odd bug report like this, I first need to judge player experience as it was a new account just created to post this.

There are some discussions-in-progress in Discord right now where a player is consistently not receiving their banner mana, and I think they’ve provided video. Some of the discussion also happened in global chat last night. It’s very possible there are some mana collection glitches.

It’s also never polite to tell someone they don’t know how to play the game. If you are worried about brevity, “I haven’t seen this problem” says what you meant without a jab. @Sheba’s answer is more of an explanatory route to make sure the player didn’t miss anything. Questions like this are common and often newbies do forget something. For example, I’ve seen several people confused about why other players’ troops of the same level/ascension have different stats and had to explain kingdom bonuses at least twice this week.


Ironic is accusing someone of being impolite by confusing tell and ask in an even more impolite manor.

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No, that’s actually trolling.

I can respond one of three ways.

  • “Do you know how to read?”
  • “A manor is a dwelling. It can’t be impolite because it is not a being. Did you mean “manner”? Are you literate?”
  • “It’s my opinion that we should spend time explaining the game mechanics that could be leading to this condition, because many players don’t fully understand them.”

Which one’s “confusing tell and ask in an even more impolite manner?” Which one should I be using?

I like you, but when multiple people tell you something was rude, it’s kind of best to shrug and ignore it rather than dig in your heels. “I can say what I want” isn’t a great mountain to die on.


My eyesight is poor, and my spellchecker even poorer. Now that you’ve successfully trolled and detailed the topic, do you have any evidence to support the original posters query?

I already said what I have to say: there are some in-progress discussions on the topic I’ve seen. I have no specific evidence.

As to your DM asking me to edit out my previous statements: I suppose telling me you don’t like someone questioning your intelligence based on your post means you’d prefer for me to take the third bullet in the future. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned that I intended when writing the post. Can you think of any instances in the near past that are analagous, defended with “I merely asked a brief question?”

I’ll edit mine if you edit yours.

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I’m about to abuse my regular status once again and rename and kill this topic unless you can show evidence of what the op said.

Why can’t we all just be kind to one another? None of this is helping the person having an issue.


Are you joking? You want Slypenslyde to provide evidence for a bug that happens to somebody else? I guess I could provide the evidence if I played enough battles but the recording program slows down my PC and it makes it annoying to play the game in such conditions. Of course there is a possibility that I am mistaken too and it’s just a problem with 4x speed that makes it seem like something is wrong, but I am pretty sure that’s not the instance. I only registered it happening when in GW (and once or two in Raid) but I guess that’s because only in GW I really pay attention to what I do. Edit: I did 4 battles with the recording program running and it made playing a nightmare. The thing is called Apowersoft Screen Recorder and if anybody has a better suggestion for a recording software to use I would be grateful.

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I don’t think it’s your job as a regular to edit titles and close topics because you don’t personally believe the bug exists. That’s for moderators and/or devs. Speaking frankly I think you are overinvested in this and trying to “win” or “make us sorry” and that’s not doing much to reverse our original opinion that you are being needlessly harsh.


It would help immensely if you could post a video. iOS 11 has built-in screen recording functionality. You can learn about it here:

If you can’t reproduce it with a video, odds are it was one of the things @Sheba pointed out.

Oh, also it’s best if you start recording from the team screen before the match, so we can verify the banner you are using. As Sheba’s post points out, if you’re using certain banners you are expected to get less mana per match for certain colors.


I’m level 442, been playing for a few years, a lot more lately. I do have mana counter on, mana does not go to any other troop. I do not use banners with mana penalties. I play on my phone, don’t know how to record to show you. I don’t know if it is that often, but it’s enough to be frustrating; when you try to challenge a stronger player and you get the matching gem you need and it stays at same number afterwards. Been playing a lot lately and when I noticed this, I’ve been watching carefully to make sure I didn’t miss the counter going up, or anything else… Thought i’d Post see if it happens to anyone else… I have been around this forum, it has helped me a lot, but had not registered… I just never posted on any forum before,but with reactions like this probably won’t post again… sorry if this subject was not well explained at first… just was frustrated enough to share and see if it was common with others, and if anything else I hadn’t thought could create this problem…


IF this is occurring with alarming frequency “2x per battle” per your post and you are having trouble with creating a video capture using the iPhone tools.

I suggest simply using a friends phone to record one or two battles from your iPhones game play.

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Ok i’ve Just seen how to record, will try thx


I have had this happen to me numerous times and it appears to be a graphical glitch. Match is made and counter doesn’t update, but a subsequent match happens and the correct amount or fill is shown. I notice it happen once every hundred or so matches, so it may take some time to properly document it.

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Just ignore UK. He’s rude to everyone. Most people on the forum don’t treat new posters that way. (If he does maliciously fiddle with your title or category, you can report him to staff.)

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you are able to track down your mana issue.