Gems matched, but not collected? Flaw or intentionally?

I have been playing GoW on Xbox One for quite some time and have noticed something “strange” and I wonder if any of you have had the same experience?

Sometimes when I’m matching gems, my troops won’t collect them. There is the sound, the animation and “everything” when I match the gems, but the amount of gems doesn’t increase on the troop card.

I have experienced this only when matching 3 gems and it is not related to any specific color.

This is very frustrating and breaks the basics of the game. Esspecially when in situations, where you are on your last troop and need every gem match you can get.

Could this be a programming flaw or is this intentional?

Have any of you experienced this?

Next time you are playing, try to notice if you are collecting all the gems you are matching…

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I’ve played a lot of gems, and seen a lot of weird problems, but never this. Can you give more details, troops involved etc.

Next time it occurs: “Cortana, record that”

Are you matching the colors of the troops? Are they already full mana? Are they silenced?


Please capture this on video. This will help us determine the problem

Yeah I play on Xbox one constantly and have never experienced this. Very weird.

I see it all thetime on android and pc also. Troop will have like 9 mana i match 3 and it still has 9.

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Well, it is indeed strange. It only happens when matching 3 gems of any color. My troops wasn’t silenced and not with full mana. That’s what makes it so frustratiing.

I’m glad to hear, I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Keep an eye out guys, maybe you’ll see it too?

I will try to capture a video of it…


I’ve never heard of this bug - so any data you can provide would be helpful!

If it is truly a bug, could it be a hiccup within the system sending info to the server?

No. Gemboard stuff is all local.

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Do you use the kinect voice commands? I have the chatpad, just press one button on it to take a screenshot or record a video

It seems to happen right before or during a 3 match. I always thought it was the game anticipating my move

Yes I do. I use it regularly for TV and movie watching plus volume control. But you can also use a headset or cellphone buds if you don’t have Kinect. Or double tap the Guide button and press X.

Here’s a little video of gems matched, but not collected. Watch the red gems in the middle of the screen. :slight_smile:

Gems matched, but not collected

Your turn:
You matched 3 Yellow Gems
You have no yellow troops = no mana fill

AI Turn:
AI matched 3 Red gems
AI has no red troops = no Mana fill.

PS: The video was essential.

Hmm, I just made a fool out of my self, it seems… It was late and I had played a lot GoW. But, I will prevail and record a video that shows everything… Ehm, I mean the matching gems not collecting… :wink:

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Don’t worry about it, and keep an eye out. If there is a bug like you describe a video is definitely the way to get it addressed.

I have recorded several videos and studied them closely and I think I have an explanation for my observations.

When you match the gems, the number is added at once and very fast, then followed by a slow animation, showing you where the gems were collected. I guess I see this as a trick to the eye, like my brain somehow would like to see the gems being added after the animation instead of before the animation. This is the reason, why I thought that gems wasn’t collected, when they in fact are. There is no software flaw or bug, but just what I would describe as a “human error”, for which I’m in the end, is actully quite happy about.

So keep up the good work (and please hurry the updates on consoles) :slight_smile:

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No. I see this happening all of the time. I match three gems that I need and count on and they don’t get collected. I will record it next time it happens.

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This has happened to me many times (PS4). I would post a video if I knew how to get it from my PS4 to my PC.

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