[More info needed] Mana not being awarded

Platform, device version and operating system
PC (Intel NUC), Windows 10.

Screenshot or image
Not available. I don’t have video software to record the event.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
After doing a match, I expected the mana count of my player to increase. Instead, it stayed the same. The player wasn’t silenced or have any other effect on him, and the mana color was unique to the player. The mana animation showed that the player received the mana and it didn’t go to any other player.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens very frequently. I notice it at least once every 2 or 3 games. It may be more often because I don’t always look at the player’s mana when playing.

Steps to make it happen again
I don’t know how to make it happen. It appears to happen randomly.

Hey @Jorick

Sorry for taking a while to respond.

Can you please tell me which game mode you’ve noticed this in?
Also which troops are on your team and which are on the enemy team when this happened?

Did you make a 3 gem, 4 or 5 gem match? Or was it a cascade?
Were they coloured gems you were matching or were they doomskulls and the mana didn’t come from the exploded coloured Gems?

Ah, found it! This thread/post/OP was the main reason for my making an account here at all. To save time and retyping:

“There’s a whole slew of bug/glitches/inconsistency issues I have with this game, bugs/glitches that have been incrementally getting worse over the last 8-10 weeks approx. However, the AI (randomly and conveniently) getting extra turns on 3 gem matches tends to be one of the more infuriating. Another being when mana (again, randomly and conveniently) is not allocated at all when matched, be it 3, 4 or 5 gems.”

In the interests of brevity, game mode, team set-up, etc, etc appears to be irrelevant. This underhanded crap happens everywhere in GoW.

It happen aswell on normal 3 gem matches, no skulls, cascadea or w/e else involved.

While in the “mess” of normal gameplay you tend to miss it when doing slow and hard stuff where every move count (high lvl delve or tower x example) you notice it and it’s extremely annoying being at 1 mana away and instead of filling your troop you pass turn for nothing.

Dont happen so often (thx god) so hard say how to replicate, just play a lot slowly without exploding or anything.


Thanks for letting us know you’re also having this issue.
Unfortunately, we’re having trouble reproducing it and it’s hard to fix something if we can’t test what’s causing it.

If you do experience this issue please provide as much information as possible and a screenshot immediately after it happens:

Can you please tell me which game mode you’ve noticed this in?
Also which troops are on your team and which are on the enemy team when this happened?
Which banner were you using?

Did you make a 3 gem, 4 or 5 gem match? Or was it a cascade?
Were they coloured gems you were matching or were they doomskulls and the mana didn’t come from the exploded coloured Gems?

If anyone can get this to happen consistently, a video of it happening would be extremely helpful.


Problem is i got trouble too reproducing it, on normal gameplay i would never notice (X4 speed and usually i use either a doomskull team or bronzelock one, both of them make a lot of “mess”).

Mostly seen this doing delve but as said it’s rare and no clue how to make it happen, however am talking about normal 3 or maybe 4 gems matches, without explosions, cascades or doomskulls involved (as said before i wouldt notice due the speed if happen during those).

It is anyway rare enough to be far from being gamebreaking even tho ofc it’s kinda annoying when it happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Understood, even if it’s rare, it’s very annoying if it’s happening. If it happens again and you can give us more information that will be very helpful, thanks! We’ll keep an eye out for it either way.

It’s genuinely laughable watching tone-deaf damage control, especially from developers. The repeated, almost disingenuous nature of the “Really? When does this happen?” pablum despite the fact that post #3 already answers the question.

All followed up by the stock “We won’t reproduce it 'cos if it’s random, we have an ‘out’, but do let us know if it happens again.”


@GarbageOfWar Post #3 didn’t answer the question of every situation the player had experienced it in, also when more than 1 player replies about having the same bug, we need to ask the same questions of all of them and they may have different experiences and therefore answers.

If I need clarification on something, I ask for clarification, even if a question seems silly - I need the answer to do my job.

If you’re not contributing to helping us solve a bug, please don’t reply to a bug thread as it just adds noise when we have developers coming here to look for specific information.


This bug is game breaking, every match i play in quest, explore, challange (havnt looked in the other modes)
this happans multiple times.

This is kind of the core feature of the game and it dosnt work.
This might be related to not reciving items from daily quests, wich i experienced the first days that i played the game.

If you wish to recreate it, go play a game and keep track of your mana and mana income…

Created acc. just for this bug as some one else upp the topic did.

It doesn’t happen for me, I’d be quite surprised if a lot of players experience this multiple times each match. Since you can reproduce this reliably, would it be possible that you record a match and share the video? It would probably help the devs a lot in isolating this issue.


i dont have the equipment for that

Sadly, after my husband told me about this, I notice that this happens very often and with almost every team I play. It’s pretty annoying, especially with harder opponents.

If people are seeing this often, please find some way to record your screen. It’ll be much easier for the devs to track down the issue if there is video.


I have to start deleting posts from this thread which don’t provide information about the bug, if you wish to discuss how you feel about it please create a thread in the feedback area of the forum so we can spend our time gathering information and helping people in the bug report section here.

I play Gems of War for hours every day on multiple accounts on multiple platforms on multiple different game versions and I haven’t experienced this bug. I can test til the cows come home but if I don’t experience and you are experiencing it reliably, you can help me help you.

If I wanted an “out” I would just ignore the thread. But instead I’m here gathering whatever information I can to help us find the cause of the issue.

-IMPORTANT INFO:- Anyone who has windows 10 can record their screen by pressing the windows key and G on their keyboard :slight_smile:
Thank you to everyone who is helping us by providing info about the issue!

Please don’t forget to mention which platform you play on, which game mode you were playing, which banner you were using, which troops were in your team and which troops were in the enemy team (it may be easier to get a screenshot of the battle than to list it all out) :slight_smile:


Btw seen that also happen to the ai.

Judt did a pvp vs the typical scorpy team, titan with DE at 7/15 from start, i let him a 3 brown match to fill my egg thief instead, on his turn the ai matched the browns but hero didnt moved from 7/15 (he got only barrier), above him the troll dont use brown and even scorpy and eru was still both at 0.

Hi Micio

As Kafka has outlined if you are going to post again please kindly provide detailed information on the issue.

If you can provide a video that is immensely more helpful.

It happen so randomly that the only way would be recording the game whole time.

Let alone this was the first time ever i seen happen to ai (or at least that i’ve noticed) since i started play.

As i’ve already said i dont find that bug so gamebraking to bother, was just reporting something kinda funny and that x me was new :3.

Ps: those claiming it happen “all the time” should take a video of it, still nothing tho, that say much :stuck_out_tongue:

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The platform I play on is XBox. XBox gives us the ability to record the last 30 seconds which is perfect for finding anomalies such as this. The missing mana has long been a suggested bug and months ago I had posted on a thread saying mine was missing. Upon receiving the same response from the devs I set on a mission. I spent a month recording every time I saw missing mana. I had multiple recordings everyday. This is what I found when I reviewed the videos:

On gem matches I wasn’t missing mana. What was happening is the graphic adding the mana count was happening as I toggled my thumbstick instead of when the graphic on the game connects the gems. This created an illusion that I already had the mana when in fact it was just the gem matching graphics lagging behind the mana count graphics. I also noticed that the slower the speed you play on the more noticeable it is.

On explosions I was missing mana. If I exploded a gem in so grabbing 8 gems and say only 1 was red. I would not receive any red mana even though at 50% the game should round up and give me 1. This has been explained in other threads that it is broken as intended. Even though the game says 50% it is really 49.9%.

When the devs say they need video evidence it’s partly for you to realize the game is playing an illusion on you. The missing mana bug is a myth.

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Well, leaving aside i said many times isnt such a big deal, there was no illusions on the ai opponent that started at 7/15 and after it matched 3 brown was still at 7/15,got barrier and rest of team at 0.

Actually would be nice if something like that happen “all the time” and not once in few months hehe.

Sometimes i got aswell the feeling the game added the mana even before i moved but a few times i was “planning ahead” as in, “xxxxx is at 14/15, next turn can cast” that the “next turn” after i matched the gems xxxxx is still at 14/15.

Not planning to start any mission tho, x something i see happen so rarely and that idc about either :stuck_out_tongue: