[INVESTIGATING] The Gray King no Drai Mana

Android 6.2

Play PVP against Obrweaver and summon Giant Spider. The Gray king no Drai mana. but silence


That’s really weird – you destroyed blue gems, it uses blue mana, so it took the 73 true damage, it was silenced, and it was frozen, but it certainly looked like its mana was not drained. It wasn’t Blessed, which would have prevented the mana drain, but that would also have prevented the Silence.

The second time as well, you destroyed green gems, and it was affected by the silence, freeze, and it took damage, but no mana drain…

What troop was there before the giant spider was summoned into place? I am assuming this is related to the bug where a troop with impervious in first slot dies and webspinner is summoned in its place and it gains impervious trait.


Hey @Rizzo ,

As @havok6669 mentioned, was Webspinner summoned into this battle? And do you recall the previous troop if it was?

If it was not summoned in, could you send through a ticket to us in Support so we can look into the data of this battle further for your opponent?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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This isn’t about Webspinner getting summoned, this is about any troop getting summoned by a talent/trait into a spot a troop previously died in. In the video above my assumption would be that the first slot originally contained King Avelorn (immune to Mana Drain due to Wood Ancestry), to which the Gaint Spider got summoned by the Familiar trait of the Orbweaver class, inheriting the traits of King Avelorn.

Edit: Wood Ancestry also contains immunity to silence, which doesn’t quite fit the Giant Spider getting silenced. As someone working on the ticket I’d look up the logs to see who the opponent was, then check their defense to see what the front troop was.


There are more bugs. Bugs with no mana gain in general, extra turn(s) getting ignored when the unit was not frozen, etc.

I think that this is a good opportunity to mention the ability to ID and log battle data so that such events can get tracked on the spot, but only if a user selects such an option.

It may be worth it to write it in the suggestion section, though.

It is one thing it didn’t get mana drained but why it had full mana right after summon?!
Second Giant Spider also had full mana

The first troop was King Avelorn. King Avelorn, L&D, Weaver and Lamashtu. Orbweaver class

If the “summoned troop” bug was absorbing traits from a previous troop that was there, then perhaps that troop had immunity to mana drain, and was empowered, but was not immune to freeze or silence.

I can’t find any troops though that match that description. Most all troops that are immune to mana drain are also immune to silence (Dark, Wood, Sky, and High Ancestry).

Mana Shield provides immunity to Mana Drain, but not Silence. However, there are no Empowered troops with Mana Shield.

I found an opponent with Orbweaver Class. I recorded the entire battle. For better viewing

I believe Giant Spider inherits the class’s Mana Shield. Immune drai mana. just like hero

But the hero doesn’t start with full mana

I took a test. I used 2 troops. 1 with Drain mana immunity and one with Silence immunity. Summon 2 Spiders. The Gray King silenced 2. But drain mana only from 1. Spider inherits Dark Ancentry from the previous troop.

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I just had a brainstorm that it may be related to the fix for gnomes/valravens etc not losing their rewards when transformed. Perhaps the way that issue was fixed is also causing this issue of the absorbed traits.

Empowered and immune to mana drain.


Nah I don’t think they are related. Valraven transformed by lycan didn’t give rewards because it counted as self transform (same level, fully traited, no deaths). They simply changed it to trasnformed by enemy (half level, no traits, counts as death)

I dunno just figured it might be the culprit since transform was making it so they lost rewards perhaps they coded it in a way that left some remnants of the original troop in that slot. Would have to look at how they coded it to be sure because they did that change to fix lycan gems transforming at full level yes but they did a different fix for gnomes and valravens as well after lycan gems were fixed in that way to make them come back at half level.

They lost rewards because they weren’t killed. There was no separate fix for valravens and gnomes. Changing from self transform to normal transform was the only fix

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Dark Ancestry provides immunity to silence, and the spiders are silenced.

The empower part is irrelevant here. Empower only activates at the start of battle. Empowered troop summoned mid battle starts with 0 mana.

The video in the OP shows 2 different matches. The giant spirders got their mana by matching gems normally which wasn’t shown in the vid.