Game freezes when accessing troop menu


It’s certainly still an issue on iPhone (latest iOS).

It seems most noticeable because as soon as I finish the 8th battle of a pet rescue I collect the rewards, exit to the main screen then press troop menu (because I want to see if my rewards allow me to ascend a pet). It is when I press on the troop button (on main screen) that the delay occurs.


You need to play game NOT ON YOUR INTERNAL TEST NETWORK. You need to play on real xbox live on non developer xbox.


Exactly the same on xbox. Pet rescue done, want to check pets, loong freeze on troop screen.


I don’t know exactly how it all works in your offices, but is it possible for any of the devs to play the game outside of the office, on another unit, like from their homes like we do, for example? Maybe the problem can be replicated that way?


Oops, I just realized after I posted, that you had the same idea! Yes, that was what I was thinking too.


Thanks for your help guys. The dev team are continuing to test and investigate this. I’ve put out a post over here calling for more info from other players who we haven’t yet heard from


Just as a heads up, it’s not unheard of for us to test on devices outside the office. Also, a majority of our testing happens on the live version of the game, and not in internal testing, unless we are trying to catch bugs before an update goes live.


Also when I cast a spell the animation freezes for maybe 5-10 seconds, almost like it is going to crash every time.