Game freezes when accessing troop menu



This is the problem we were talking about in xbox gems game chat. The freeze is multiplatform.


My platform is PC (steam) and my system is not slow when playing modern games. The freeze happened to me as well (when entering the troopslist screen). This freezing only happens after playing a while. No problem when just starting the game and going into troopslist.

I decided to move GOW from (an older) hdd I use for data to my sdd systemdrive…the freeze still happens but is MUCH shorter (about 3 seconds instead of 10+ seconds).

imo, the game somehow thinks it needs to read all the troop assets when the freeze happens. I could monitor drive activity but this problem should be very easy for devs to track down and solve.

EDIT: by the way it makes no difference if I load all the troops after just starting the game by scrolling down the complete trooplist. The freeze will happen anyway.

EDIT2: devs, you will surely lose new players if you dont fix this bug. I will keep playing but people who havent invested much time in gow will NOT be playing for long if this problem persists. The problem exist since the last patch or the one before that (not sure).


Hey all, thanks for continuing to submit your information! @pmbpro667 to answer your question, generally if you want ongoing support or compensation for an issue and you’ve tried to troubleshoot it yourself already contacting support is a good idea. But reporting an issue to the forums first up is very helpful to us.

For each of your respective platforms, please try reinstalling the game (Step 6 provides instructions for PS4 and mobile), check you’ve linked your account first if you’re on PC/Mobile.

This issue may well be caused by a bug but it’s important to see how reinstalling will affect or prevent the issue. If you haven’t reinstalled recently (i.e in the last week) this is worth a try.

Once done: Does this stop the issue? If not, is the issue less frequent, or are you noticing freezing/lag in another part of the game now? How long does it occur after you’ve had the game open for?


Reinstalled several times. it still happens just as often. after about 10 pvp battles it freezes going into any type of troop menu.


Ps4 is super laggy too. When setting defense from defense screen it can freeze. It gets worse daily it seems and deleting didn’t fix the issue or reinstalling.

Something has definitely changed since the patch. Too much going on it seems…

But even going into troop menu it can pause for a little bit. Sometimes if it is too long I’ll just close the application. :man_shrugging:


Pc, ps4, xbox oddly all have the same issue that the devs can’t reproduce internally on their network.


Because they have to play the game to reproduce.


Also frezzes in the middle of class event battles. can you say lost Sigil

upload all your frozen pics


Thank you @Cyrup, for your reply and advice.

I have just removed and then re-installed the game. I will keep an eye out for any improvements or differences, with your questions in mind.


Freezes up after class battles


Hi again @Cyrup,

I’ve been playing the game for a few hours now on my PS4 Pro after re-install.

Unfortunately, it is still freezing/taking a long time to access the Troops menu.

It seems to be like I can access the menu quickly after playing a couple of battles, but then the longer I play, the longer the delay each time I try to go there.

  • First it was approx. a 5-second wait time
  • an hour later, 30 seconds
  • another hour after that, it was back to the very slow ‘do-a-small task or quickly-grab-a-snack’ wait time.

I tried to access the Troops again right away after finally getting in, without playing anything, and it’s fast/normal.

But then…
I played three more battles and it’s slow again!

I’d also tested not actively playing the game, but just leaving it on with the map showing (I went to do something else for about 20 minutes or so).

I came back, and access to the Troops was slow then too.

For me, the slowness seems to build up over time after either actually playing the few battles, or just having the game on. Apparently 20 minutes was long enough for the menu access to slow down anyway (I have no idea why that happens).


This is still an issue for xbox one. I have to wait almost 5 minutes to get to the troops. This feels too be like the old servers used to be now more and more. :pensive:


I have trouble sometimes when sending pictures to playstation messages from the game, like it is slowing down the whole system.


Also, if I filter pets by “Upgradable” I get the blue screen error message and have to restart the game every time. So I just manually look instead


On pets I sort by amount.


Freezes when going to pvp from the map screen also


I’m playing on both consoles and on iOS. The lag-freezing when accessing the Troops menu is occurring excruciatingly on XB1 when using a 3year old account (level 1119), and it’s somewhat slow on the PS4 using a newer hero (level 186) created at Christmas.

The open-menu delay for my XB hero ranges from 22 seconds to 87 seconds on average and in some cases over 2 minutes. Needless to say this causes a spike in blood pressure whenever I must change teams to enter Pet Rescue battles.

Another level 25 hero account on the xBox, also created around Christmas for a young friend who came and played it for 3.5 hours yesterday, has not been experiencing much lag.

It would appear that the current Troop freeze issue is very similar in nature to theTeam Slot freezing issue that had been solved previously.

For my Mobile iPad Mini 3 game with a level 1118 hero, there’s a bit of lag when accessing Troops. But it’s nowhere near as bad as the XB game. The main issue with the iOS game is that it develops massive animation lag (judder) during battles which make it impossible to continue gaming; I have to quit and restart. That particular animation issue has been there for 2 years now.

The longer a player has an active session going, the worse the general freeze issues become.


We have passed this information along to the team. We are having some issues recreating this bug as even when playing on older devices in our office we aren’t experiencing excessive lag.

Thank you to everyone who is giving us further information.


I can recreate it on 3 iffrent devices. 2 new and one old


OMG!!! I’m on Xbox & the lag and freezing is unbearable now. Ever since this last patch I cant even play one match without it doing something of the sort. The animations are choppy. It’s practically unplayable now.