Game freezes when accessing troop menu


if it helps. When on Windows 10 on PC, after the game is open for a long time, clicking on troops will hang for various times. During which i see no disk or network activity from Gems. Gems is pegged at 100% of a single thread. More interesting is that Windows is categorizing it under the “Software Protection” service. So maybe something times out and it attempts to re-validate the license and just hangs?


still freezing up on me. have to stop gow and restart. happens going into the troop menu mainly


Happened to me once today. I waited 45ish seconds or so perhaps longer and the troop menu finally opened. XBOX 1 X (overkill for Gems).


I just remembered I did a Windows update around the time 3.5 was released. I am now using:
Win 10 Pro 64 bit Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299


game still freezing up


also freezes up in invasion


and freezes up between pet battles


freezes going in to casual battles


Freeze troop menu and crash : WINDOWS 10 VERSION 1803 - 64 BITS - STEAM


Windows 7 here.
This used to happen once in a while before 3.5 but now, after 3.5 has been introduced, it’s happening often. Play 10 games, go to troop menu, it’s a small lag; play 20 games, go to troop menu, it’s a bigger lag; play 30 games…severity of the lag and chance to actually freeze the program increases with every game played.
The same happens when choosing weapons in Arena (logical, I guess, since weapons are located under the troop menu).
The game also has a tendency of freezing upon exit, if playing time has been long.


Sorry for the delayed response everyone, are you still having these issues?


@Kafka this happens quite often when going into the troops menu, editing teams from the battle screen and picking a weapon in arena


For a couple of days now, I have this issue again. Definitely before the most recent patch, that changed the skill trees around. Seems to me this might be a server-sided issue.


PS4 here. I’ve only been playing 3 or 4 days now and have the same issue when clicking troop from my first day. It’s about 40 second wait to load, sometimes the music cuts out while its ‘thinking’. Thought it was just the way it is not a bug.


I have to reset the game probably every half hour due to this problem (xbox). Happens when going to edit team in raid, edit team in pet rescue, going to troop icon from main menu etc


I’m having this same issue as well – on PS4.

It only started recently for me, the past week or so. Coincidentally, the delays are occurring much longer now after the recent 3.5 update. Not sure if that has anything to do with it in my case though?

It especially happens after I play a few battles – like 3 or 4.

I counted and actually waited two minutes at one point. I’ve also went to do another quick task while waiting, so that is far too long right there.

I’ve had to restart the game, and sometimes, restart my console completely.

Hopefully it can be resolved.


General question:

Do each of us have to submit our own individual ticket for issues where many people are having the same problem?

Or, will it be looked at generally if enough people experience the same issue? I added my experience in this thread in one place like others have, but I wasn’t sure if I still have to make a submission too.


Same for me.

I use Windows 10 & Steam


Yes still happens alot.


Same on PS4