Laggy Troop Menu

Whenever I go to the troop menu lately the game lags or freezes.

Is something causing this for everyone, or do I just have too many copies of some troops?

According to my profile I have 16,882 Total troops.

I never use disenchant as the rewards always felt too small

EDIT: Disenchanted a couple hundred troops and the lag seems to be gone :grinning:

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I noticed this for a few weeks as well. But usually only the first time I go into the Troop menu. Possibly related to the servers being a little slower than usual. Subsequent times in the same session things seems fine, possibly as the data is cached locally.

I’ve found that sometimes it just takes forever to load all the troop pictures when I’m playing mobile on a spotty connection and this causes lag. Otherwise when playing on Steam, I rarely have any lag more than expected from a bloated piece of software(sorry devs, but it does get outperformed by other similar games so I’m hoping unity fixes that!).