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Game freezes when entering troop menu

After the new update the game likes to freeze up and you have to kill it and restart. Happens a lot when entering the troop menu.

i am on pc , and mobile. happens on both. my pc is a week old windows 10.
its happening to a lot of players so its not just my device


here is a pic of it froze


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and another pic of it frozen goong into the troop menu


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The version of this issue described in your most recent post has been happening for me long before the current patch - clicking the troop button (or attempting to get there via Edit Troops button before any battle) will occasionally cause a hang that lasts between 5 seconds and… well, several hours is the longest I’ve let it go and had it recover (I’d actually forgotten about it on an alt account screen, then heard the “click” sound signifying it had finally entered the troop screen while I was working later that afternoon). It seems more likely to happen and hang for longer periods of time if the game has been open for a while. I’ve been trying to find other things that may contribute to this happening, but have so far been unsuccessful - I’ve had it freeze on alt accounts that have only done the daily dungeon battle and collected tribute and mail for several days with the only common thread is that the game had been open for a while.

just by watching the screen before it freezes looks like its having trouble loading the troop pics

and again


The game hangs for me when hitting the Troops button on the main map or Edit Teams in any of the event stuff. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it did not help. I haven’t had the issue on my phone, but I’d rather play on my PC.

It especially sucks when you’re dealing with a time-limited thing like a Pet Rescue. You have 30 minutes to capture the pet, and you’ll spend 25 of it trying to edit your team!


Also hangs when trying to quit on Steam, and going back in PVP to map screen. Sometimes does the same on looking at your defence team. Seems inherent to this version.


indeed… didnt happen till after update…
freezen every 10 min or so… total bs


Glad it’s happening to the pc crowd too. That way they’ll maybe eventually fix it since it’s been a console issue for a while.

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